How to Cope During Times of Uncertainty

When we are faced with challenging times, it can be really hard to know how you will cope with the uncertainty of the situation.

All too often, we go into action-paralysis and put our lives on hold until the situation either passes or reveals its true nature.

At the same time, our life is passing us by.

No one is coming to make this situation clearer for us. This is something that we need to address ourselves. 

In this podcast episode, Gillian Duncan, Clarity Junction host, coach and author shares her advice on how to cope during times of uncertainty.

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From Working 9 to 5 to Building Your Dream Business

What would your life be like if you transitioned from working 9 to 5 to building your dream business?

A lot of us dream about quitting our 9 to 5 jobs and building a business of our own.

So, what if the dream became a reality? What would your dream business look like, and how would you make it work to allow you to live your best life?

In this podcast episode, Clarity Junction host, Gillian, chats to Anna Fairs about how she made this transition from working in a demanding, highly stressful job and never having time for her son, to building a successful business that allows her the freedom and a lifestyle that she always dreamed of.

Listen in to hear Anna share her advice and tips on how to begin the entrepreneurial journey for yourself.

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How to Sleep Well in Times of Stress

It is often really hard to sleep well in times of stress.

Our minds are full of anxious thoughts and our body feels lethargic and out of sorts.

When we are stressed, we tend to change our habits, and this also has a knock-on effect to our sleep.

The problem is, we need our sleep to keep healthy physically, mentally and emotionally so that we can cope better with the stress in our life.

Losing sleep, even for one night, can also trigger a biological stress response, and this just adds to the amount of stress that we are having to cope with.

Before you know it, you are in a vicious cycle of increasing stress and decreasing sleep.

In this podcast episode, Gillian Duncan, Clarity Junction host and author of 'Sleep: Cure Your Insomnia, Improve Your Health and Feel Better Now', shares advice on how to sleep well in times of stress.

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Emotional Comfort Eating

So many of us have a habit of emotional comfort eating.

We use food as a means of comfort when we face emotional upset or imbalance.

We may not even realise that we are eating emotionally in order to provide ourselves with an instant feeling of comfort.

This eating habit can really get in the way of being able to keep a healthy weight, and in this podcast episode, medical doctor, personal fitness trainer and founder of 'The Way To Weight Loss' programme, Dr Aishah Iqbal, chats about why we eat for comfort, what we can do to change this habit and so much more.

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My Year With Postnatal Depression

by Jude Wharton, Clarity Junction Guest Expert

Just before I had my first son, nearly 10 years ago, I thought I was so well prepared. I had all the stuff that is needed for a new-born. I had some stuff that probably wasn’t needed, but I thought it would be useful anyway, and I had more stuff that was just too cute not to buy! I had also been to the antenatal classes, read all the books that had been recommended to me, and spoken to my friends who were already Mums and who seemed to be doing really well. So, clearly, I thought I would breeze through it too. I was wrong.

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