Is Fear Holding You Back?

Listen to the podcast to discover how fear may be stopping you from achieving your dreams in life.

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10 Ways to Find Extra Hours in Your Day

Not Enough Hours in the Day? Find the extra time you need to put your plans into action

How many times have you wished that there were extra hours in the day?

You have so many jobs to get done in your waking hours and little, if any, time left in the day to do the things you really want to do. 

It’s so frustrating. By the time you get the chance to work on your own projects or goals, you are either too tired or can’t be bothered. So you eventually give up on the idea.

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How To Climb Out of Your Bad Day Rut, Even Though You Feel Like Giving Up

No matter what you seem to do, there are days that just feel doomed from the start. Real-life ‘Friday 13th’s’. You feel stuck in a Bad Day Rut.

You can’t say anything, do anything, or even think without attracting day-devastation. The day is on a downward spiral and you are just focusing on getting through it until you can go home and hide under the duvet until it’s all over. No amount of finger-crossing or good luck charms are going to help. You just need the day to be over so that you can start afresh the next day, and deal with fall-out of today.

You know what? We all feel like this from time-to-time. Sometimes, we even feel like this more times than we care to! It’s completely normal. Although it may be hard to believe, there is a way to salvage days like these. There is hope for them. You can turn a ‘bad’ day into a ‘better’ day.

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