3 Reasons Why Your Social Media Posts Aren’t Working

You post away on all of your social media platforms. Always checking it 24/7, trying to drive people to buy your products and services - but it's just not working!

Why does it seem like everyone else is successful but nothing you do seems to work? 

There could be a lot of reasons why your visibility strategy isn't working, but here are 3 of the main ones.

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Gillian Duncan

Gillian is founder, host, best-selling author and coach at Clarity Junction, an online platform that focuses on empowering female entrepreneurs by helping them find self-worth, clarity and direction in their business and personal life. She is a BSc graduate with a career background in Neuroscience and Psychology as well as being a qualified Life Coach. With over 20 years of entrepreneurial and business experience while balancing family life and health issues, Gillian understands how overwhelming being a fempreneur can be. She also knows how rewarding and liberating entrepreneurship can be and is passionate about coaching fempreneurs on how to create a successful business while still retaining a healthy work-life balance. She brings her knowledge, along with a wealth of life-experience, to help her clients become unstuck and create more success in every aspect of their life.