About You

If we were sitting having a catch-up over coffee, we'd be discussing your desire to change where you're at in life. You would be describing to me that you have lost your inner sparkle for life and, as the years have passed, you have been so busy helping and supporting others to realise that you have lost your own way.

  • Perhaps you feel that you have lost your own personal identity
  • Maybe you feel lacking in self-confidence
  • You're kids may be more grown up and you realise that you need a new focus or direction, but don't know where to start
  • You have put your own health and wellbeing on the back-burner and it's now beginning to show
  • You feel stuck in a rut and don't know how to climb back up
  • You are lost on a fast highway and don't know which direction to take
  • You are always there to help and give advice to others - but never seem to have the answers, solutions or time to resolve your own issues
  • You may feel guilty for even thinking that it's time to put focus on to your own life - or feeling frustrated and taken for granted by others.

If this sounds like you, then you have come along to the right place.

It's Time to Regain Clarity Once More

While you are living on this wonderful planet, there is always opportunity to change the way in which you live the life given to you.

So many of us learn to believe that we become redundant and less important once we reach a certain age, have children, or retire. We step down and take a back seat.

Why should we accept this? 

As long as we have the energy of life in our being, we can decide where, what, who and how. 

Change is essential to your life. All living beings rely on change in order for them to stay alive. Without change adapting to the environment around us is impossible and we become stagnant and we are no longer living to our full potential.

When we stop looking to change, we become stuck in our own comfort zone. You may be relatively content there, or it may be a miserable place for you. Regardless, it's still a hard place to move away from.

The longer that you remain within your comfort zone, the deeper you sink into it, and the harder it is to climb out.

It is hard to move out of this rut - but it's not impossible!

You can start to make plans. You can start to make changes. You can start to redesign the way you live. It's time.

About Beliefs

Whether you achieve your dreams, or let them pass by without trying, it all comes down to one thing.

Your true beliefs.

No one can make you believe in yourself. It must come from deep inside.

The resources at Clarity Junction can certainly help re-light this fire, however. With increased self-belief, not even the sky will limit you!

Having beliefs are so important. It is important, however, that when you are trying to move forward in a situation, that your beliefs are inline to those around you.

There are 3 main beliefs here at Clarity Junction;

1. There is Always a Way Forward

No matter how bogged down in the mud you feel, there is always an escape route. You don't need to stay in your current situation.

No matter what you are facing, you can make the most of it and find a route to suit you.

2. Problems Have More Than One Cause

Problems are rarely caused by one individual element. Therefore you can't solve it by applying only one strategy.

In order to resolve an issue it must be tackled from different perspectives.

3. We All Deserve to Live a Happy and Fulfilled Life

We all have one life. What we face in this lifetime is individual to each person, but everyone faces times of happiness and times of great challenges. 

Regardless of the negative times, we all deserve to have as good and happy a life as possible. 

It's not that straight forward, however. You can't just dream and expect it to happen, nor can you expect others to deliver it to you. You, and you alone, need to do some work in order to achieve the results.

How Clarity Junction Can Help You

Whether you have decided to move away from the career you thought you'd be in forever, or you are looking to shift the weight that you've been holding on to for a little too long, Clarity Junction can help.

You will find interesting and relevant blog topics to read and podcasts to listen to here on the site, or you can sign up to become a member.

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So, Who Is Behind 'Clarity Junction'?

Hi, my name is Gillian Duncan.

I am a qualified NLP Life Coach, Yoga and Meditation Teacher. I have a B.Sc. degree along with a career background in Neuroscience and Psychology, along with many years of experience in helping others find and achieve their goals.

I have always had a passion for knowing more about how the body and mind interconnect, particularly during times of stress, and this led me to study psychology and neuroscience, along with other biomedical subjects, as part of a B.Sc. degree and subsequent research placements.

We are all aware that life's knowledge doesn't all come from studying books or people directly, so believe me when I tell you that I'm not fairy-fied! I don't walk about constantly overjoyed and happy!  I am just a regular, normal person like you. 

I have had my fair share of life's ups and downs which has given me a more down-to-earth, realistic view and understanding about the things that life throws at us!  I've had serious illness and injuries, I've failed in business, been made redundant, and...oh the list goes on!

The main thing you need to know about me, though, is that I get back up each time I fall. I dust myself down and, with a new adapted outlook, I walk forward again (and sometimes this is my biggest challenge - not just in the metaphorical sense, but physically!).  Sure, I might not be on the path that I'd intended to walk down when I was a kid, but I am on a good path forward none-the-less. 

It is this knowledge and experience that I use to reach out and show you how to restore positivity back into your life, and help guide your focus back to achieving your goals while improving your health and sense of wellbeing.