Terms and Conditions

Guest Blog Posts

All content produced for Clarity Junction must be of the highest standards.

By keeping our standards high, we can provide the best service to our clients.

With this is mind, please familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions associated with submitting an article to Clarity Junction.

The content provided for a post must be unique and written entirely by the author submitting the work.

The content must be written solely for Clarity Junction and should not be a duplicate post (or very similar post) that has been used elsewhere.

Once submitted to Clarity Junction, Clarity Junction will own the rights to the article, and it may be changed and edited to suit the needs of the site.

The article may not be posted on any other site or social platform, including the author’s own site and platforms.

Clarity Junction will not assume responsibility for any plagiarised work, nor will it tolerate this behaviour. Any author found to be submitting plagiarised work will be removed from the site and the owner of the original work will be notified.

Articles should not contain any back links to other posts or sites.

Articles should not contain any advertising.

Articles should not contain any swearing or words that may cause offence to our readers.

Spelling and grammar must be thoroughly checked before submitting. This is a basic requirement that shows that you are dedicated to producing your best content, so please don’t have your article refused due to poor spelling and grammar.

Informational content of the post must be accurate, and any references made must be properly noted.

Articles should be at least 1000 – 2000 words in length and contain your article’s keyword in the first sentence.

Articles should contain an appropriate, attention grabbing title, subheadings and finish with a conclusion or a summary.

For example, an appropriate layout may assume this format:





Explain the reader's problem


Explain the deeper cause of reader’s problem


How to solve the readers problem 

(eg 3-5-point list could be included here)


How the reader can apply the solution


Conclusion or Summary

Clarity Junction reserve the right to remove the published post and any time.

Clarity Junction reserve the right to refuse any post submission without giving reason.

Articles can only be published once an author bio, high resolution head shot image and website link has been given.

On publication of your post, you agree to promote and share the post on your social platforms and newsletters.

On publication of your post, Clarity Junction agree to include your brief bio as author, and a link to your website. Clarity Junction will also share the post on their social platforms and newsletter.

Podcast Guest

The Clarity Junction podcast loves to chat to women who can share their inspirational story, provide great information and motivation to our listeners.

Podcast interview spaces become booked up very quickly once available, and therefore your application may be kept on file for a period of time until an appropriate slot becomes available.

Should Clarity Junction wish to take your application further, they will contact you initially, using the email address that you have provided. From there they may request further details before setting a future meeting.

Clarity Junction strives to have the best audio recordings possible, and this means that you will need to be in possession of a good microphone, wear headphones, have a strong internet connection and a very quiet space in order to attend the recorded meeting.

Once approved for the podcast, you will be required to book the meeting within a set time. After the set date, the booking system will close, and you will need to re-join the waiting list.

We understand and appreciate the need to cancel. Should you need to cancel, please do this as soon as possible and within a timely manner to minimise the disruption caused.

Clarity Junction retains the right to refuse to interview any potential guest who cancels without reasonable notice, repeatedly cancels appointments or does not show at the time of arranged meeting.

Clarity Junction also retains the right to choose which interviews they wish to publish. Should the audio recording be poor, the interview not be to the standard expected or the guest lacking knowledge or using inappropriate language, for example, then Clarity Junction will not proceed with the publication of the recorded episode.

Clarity Junction retain the rights to the recording.

Clarity Junction can re-purpose any aspects of the recording for promotional use, including the publication of books featuring the guest’s interviews.

Please note that this is not a paid position. In return for offering your services, you will receive promotion of your website and services.

As guests are provided with this podcast interview that promotes their own business/cause for free, guests of the podcast are expected to share and promote the podcast episode on their social platforms and newsletters as a gesture of goodwill.

Each guest on the podcast show will feature on the Clarity Junction website, complete with bio, head shot, and links to their site and social platforms. This will be requested via form before the interview.

Each potential guest will be required to complete a form on booking. Clarity Junction retain the right to refuse to interview any potential guest on the basis of an incomplete form or the guest’s answers on the form.

Guest Experts

As Clarity Junction begins to expand, we will from time to time be seeking Guest Experts to provide content for our clients in the Membership areas.

A typical content package consists of a video Masterclass, workbook(s), interview with Gillian at Clarity Junction and also being active within the Clarity Junction groups (Q & A Sessions and being there to answer any member questions that arise etc). Details of the Masterclass content is discussed, agreed and managed in stages along the creation process.

Please note that this is not a paid position.

In return for working with Clarity Junction as a Guest Expert, there is opportunity to promote your services and programmes with the clients of Clarity Junction.

It is our aim at Clarity Junction to provide our clients with the information and support that will help them on the journey they are undertaking. This means that we give them the opportunity to further their development by introducing them to Guest Experts each month.

Once created, the Masterclass remains available to members, and therefore any new members that sign up in the future will also be able to access your content and discover more about your services.

Terms for this collaboration will be agreed after an initial consultation between both parties.

Thank you for your interest in wishing to collaborate with Clarity Junction.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Clarity Junction Members

Male Members: Although we truly want everyone in the world to enjoy their best life, Clarity Junction only accepts women into the members private Facebook group. We understand that there may be men who are interested in the topics that we cover, and we are happy to open the masterclasses up to them, however the Facebook community is a place for women only so that they can feel relaxed to share female-related concerns and chat. We hope that everyone can accept this reasoning, and that as we are still able to offer the masterclasses, we can still offer the direct links to the experts should you wish further help and support.

Masterclasses: New masterclasses are released on the membership site on the first Monday of every month. These will be hosted by experts that have volunteered to provide content for the membership site. Such content is shared with members on the understanding that the experts are fully qualified in their area of expertise and are sharing content that will be of benefit to those watching. As a company, Clarity Junction will do their best to ensure that the content shared is of sound practice, however we cannot assume responsibility for any outcomes resulting from actions taken as a result from the masterclass, on the member’s part. It is the member’s responsibility to assess and decide if the masterclass is suitable for them, and what action they should take following any suggested advice given. Should the member be uncertain as to what action to take, they should contact the relevant expert directly.

Experts: The experts in this membership provide their content and advice on a voluntary basis and do not receive payment, nor give payment to Clarity Junction. The content that they provide is at their discretion and solely their responsibility. Should any members have any personal questions or concerns regarding the information presented, they should contact the expert directly, and not Clarity Junction. The details of the guest experts are included in the Guest Expert Directory. Although we try to keep these updated, it is the responsibility of the experts to keep us informed of any changes to their contact details. External links provided by the experts are not maintained or endorsed by Clarity Junction, and therefore we cannot assume any responsibility or be held liable for the content that appears on these external links. Should you have any issues regarding these links, please contact the expert involved, directly.

Content Copyright: The content provided on the Clarity Junction platform is not for sale, for repurposing or for duplicating in any way, by any member. Clarity Junction and relevant experts hold the intellectual property rights of the content included in the membership.