What would good sleep mean to you?

Do you find it hard to 'switch off' and go to sleep?

Do you wake in the middle of the night, restless and unable to fall back to sleep?

Do you feel constantly tired, irritable and depressed?

When You Sleep Well, You Feel Well

Tools to Help You Sleep Better

Improve Your Sleep Masterclass


Many of us live each day accepting and struggling with the side-effects of insomnia.

Improve Your Sleep is an online masterclass aimed at providing you with step-by-step information, tips and suggestions that you need in order for you to take action against your insomnia, right now.

Sleep Book


‘Sleep - Cure Your Insomnia, Improve Your Health and Feel Better Now' by Gillian M. Duncan provides you with the information, tips and suggestions that you need in order for you to take action against your insomnia, right now.

Kindle and Paperback editions are available to purchase from Amazon stores worldwide.

Sleep Coaching


Are you needing a little extra help to get you sleeping better?

Do you feel that you could do with some help in restoring your sleep pattern?

If so, then why not consider booking a One to One Sleep Coaching Session with Gillian?

Yoga for Sleep MP3


Yoga and meditation teacher, Gillian, has recorded a short guided yoga routine that you can follow before going to bed, to help induce sleep.

This is a 12-14 minute practice, with Gillian guiding you through each pose with gentle soothing music in the background.

This MP3 also comes with a PDF illustration guide to the poses.

Sleep Meditation MP3


One of the best tools that I use to help me fall asleep, is listening to a guided meditation.

With this in mind, I have recorded a special meditation to help you to fall asleep when your mind just can't seem to switch off.


Sleep Quiz


How seriously do you take your sleep?

Find out if you are a Bouncing Bunny, Walking Zombie or something else!

What are people saying about Gillian's book on Sleep...

Simple, comprehensive and authentic

This is my kind of book. It feels like a conversation with the author, rather than a lecture. Duncan talks you through the basics of sleep: what it is, what it does and what not getting it can do, before explaining the many personal choices out there to help you sleep better. She's also got a very authentic way of writing, sharing her student day habit of munching on chocolate coated coffee beans (not good) and overcoming a serious injury with yoga (exercise is good for sleep).

As an acupuncturist, I will recommend this book to my patients who need practical strategies to overcome problems with sleep.

Oran Kivity , Acupuncturist

It's not just for insomniacs

I’ve really been enjoying the book, it’s helped me to see what an impact a good sleep routine will have on my life with detailed information of the effects of what a lack of sleep would have. It’s not just for insomniacs, this book is also suitable for those with poor sleep patterns or simply for those who do not get enough sleep! I’ve already been inspired to adapt my sleeping routines!

Sleep is SO Important to our health!

I'm a Habit Change Health Coach and sleep is a huge topic that I talk to my clients about. When we don't get the sleep we need so many of our body systems are not working so during the day we have many other problems that we don't even recognize are sleep related.

This book has helped me to have another resource to share with my clients that backs up the research out in the world about the benefits of sleep and how it affects our bodies on a physiological level.

How important it is to have a regular sleep routine and that our body will function better when we stick to it. I have created this for myself and it is life-changing.

I love her Podcast!

I love this book! What a great read and full of insight. I recommend it to my clients all the time. Thank you Gillian for writing it!

Suzy Wraines , Habit Change Health Coach

Great information all packed together

I loved this book. It was filled with practical advice from all aspects of life. By Chapter 3, I already had a plan to change habits that would improve my sleep. There is a lot of information in this book and easy to find for bouncing back and forth when you put it to work. Making changes from this book today!

Tonya Murray , Confidence Coach & Author