Clarity Junction Membership

The mission of Clarity Junction is to inspire and empower women to go out and live the life they truly want.

What is Clarity Junction and what is the Membership all about?

Clarity Junction is there to provide information, advice and support in order to help you create and live your best life possible.

It's there to guide you through the times when the road feels too foggy to navigate.

It's there to put you into contact with others who can help, guide and cheer you on.

It's there to help bring you clarity and focus, and help you open up new paths and possibilities in life.

Each month, Clarity Junction brings you a Masterclass presented by an Expert.

The topics that are covered in these Masterclasses revolve around Clarity Junctions 3 main core subjects:

  • Goal Achieving
  • Personal Development
  • Health & Wellness

You will also be able to reach out to the Experts in the private Facebook group.

Your Beliefs

Whether you achieve your dreams, or let them pass by without trying, it all comes down to one thing.

Your true beliefs.

No one can make you believe in yourself. It must come from deep inside.

The resources at Clarity Junction can certainly help re-light this fire, however. With increased self-belief, not even the sky will limit you!

Having beliefs are so important. It is important, however, that when you are trying to move forward in a situation, that your beliefs are inline to those around you.

The 3 main beliefs at Clarity Junction

1. There is Always a Way Forward

No matter how bogged down in the mud you feel, there is always an escape route. You don't need to stay in your current situation.

No matter what you are facing, you can make the most of it and find a route to suit you.

2. Problems Have More Than One Cause

Problems are rarely caused by one individual element. Therefore you can't solve it by applying only one strategy.

In order to resolve an issue it must be tackled from different perspectives.

3. We All Deserve to Live a Happy and Fulfilled Life

We all have one life. What we face in this lifetime is individual to each person, but everyone faces times of happiness and times of great challenges. 

Regardless of the negative times, we all deserve to have as good and happy a life as possible.

We understand that life's not straight forward. 

You can't just dream and expect a great life to appear, nor can you expect others to deliver it to you. 

You, and you alone, need to do the work in order to achieve the results.

Clarity Junction can help you.

How Clarity Junction can help you:


Keep moving forwards by learning from our Experts each month.

Each month you will be presented with a new Masterclass complete with action steps to follow to help you discover and learn more.

You can also ask questions and contact our Experts in the private Facebook group.

Clarity Social Hub

Join our free Facebook group for women who want more from life - just like you!

Come and join us for a daily chat in the group. We'd love to welcome you.

Midlife Empowerment for Women

It's not about age - it's about maturity and knowing that now is the time to start putting your dreams and you own self-care higher up on that list of priorities!

Will you join us in our free Facebook group? 

With regular free events, interviews and mini-masterclasses, there's a whole lot of support waiting for you.

Clarity Junction Podcast

Each week, Clarity Junction host, Gillian Duncan, brings you either a solo podcast or a guest interview.

Our guest interviews feature inspirational women who share their own knowledge, experience and stories.

Clarity Junction Blog

The Clarity Junction Blog covers subjects in all of our focus areas of goal achieving, personal development, health and wellness.

Look out for posts contributed by our experts!