Gillian Duncan

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Gillian loves to inspire women to overcome obstacles in life so that they can live the life they truly want. Not the life that they think they should have, or the life they have been told they should be content with, but the life that really makes their soul sing and their heart feel alive.

At Clarity Junction, Gillian motivates women by sharing personal stories, advice and information that can help them gain the tools they need to live that life of full purpose.

If you would like Gillian to speak and be involved on your platform, then she would love to hear from you.

*Please note that Gillian tends to be booked up in advance, so there is typically a 2-3 month waiting time. 

Gillian has been featured on;

Thrive Global
Live with Audacity
The Fit Fifteen
Wraines Wellness
Sober Bliss

...with more platforms being added soon!

Sleep: Cure Your Insomnia, Improve Your Health & Feel Better Now

Sleep Cure Your Insomnia, Improve Your Health and Feel Better Now

For more details on Gillian's book and her media pack, please visit www.gillianmduncan.com