Fire up your marketing plan today!

Are you struggling to reach potential clients online?

Do you sit for hours wondering what to write on social media, or spend a fortune on advertising that never seems to bring in the customers that your business needs?

As an entrepreneur, you wear many hats. 

You have to create your product or service, make sure you are on top of the accounts, be the face of the business and bring in the customers to keep your business viable and growing.

The problem, however, is that when you decided to start your own business, you thought it would be all about creating the product and service (where your real talent lies) and that customers would flock to you.

Now you have your business set up and running, you realise that it's not that simple!

You need to get the word out there about your business, but you are no expert in this field and even though you keep spending money on online advertising, you aren't seeing any positive results.

You are totally fed up and although you are trying your hardest, you aren't getting anywhere fast.

You are confused as to what to do next in this unknown territory of online marketing, and are beginning to lose hope.

Before you know it, you have spent lots of money on useless ads and spend your whole working day on every social media platform waiting for just one person to comment on your post.

This is not the way you wanted to run your business, but you seem to be stuck in a marketing rabbit hole and you can no longer see the light beyond what you are currently doing.

Well, today you can start to make your escape plan.

You can start to understand the essential elements of online marketing and begin to build a marketing plan that will work for you and your business without spending loads of money on advertising.

Online marketing can be made simple, yet effective.

The Ultimate Marketing Toolkit

By working through this toolkit you will learn:

  • You don’t have to spend a fortune to get your message out there
  • What main elements of marketing to primarily focus on and why
  • How to improve your marketing strategy by applying simple step-by-step actions
  • Plus lots more!

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Once you sign up for this toolkit you will receive a link via email that will take you through to the toolkit page within the Fempreneur Virtual Retreat Breakthrough Lounge where you will receive instant access to the video masterclass and toolkit downloads. 

Once there, make sure you take your time going through each masterclass lesson step-by-step and complete each action before moving on - that way you will gain more understanding and a better insight as to how to adjust your marketing strategy to suit your business in the best way possible.

By going through the masterclass, workbook and using the other tools available, you will have a clearer message to attract potential customers to your business and an understanding of where and when to use this message so that you can plan your marketing content with confidence.

Stop Wasting Money

Don't waste any more money on paid advertising until you have learned the basic marketing pillars you need in place.

Stop Wasting Time

Learn what you need to do and plan your schedules using the information and spreadsheets given in the toolkit and masterclass.

Attract More Customers 

By getting your marketing message spot on, you will begin to attract potential customers, rather than people who will never be interested in your products or services.

Become More Visible

This toolkit will share with you the content you need to produce, why its needed and how it will make you more visible to new and potential customers. 

Special offer! Enroll now and get a $70 discount !

What's in the Toolkit?

Here is a list of what you will find in The Ultimate Marketing Toolkit.


Video Masterclass

This 7-part video masterclass will explain the basic building blocks that you need to have in place for the ultimate marketing plan - and why each block is so important.


Masterclass Workbook

Complete this 33 page workbook as you progress through the masterclass videos. It will give you deeper insight and clarity to your business and potential future marketing plans.


90 Day Social Media Content Schedule Planner

This content planner spreadsheet is focused mainly for scheduling posts in your Facebook Group - however you can also use it to schedule posts on your page, or on other social media platforms.


52 Blog Post Ideas

Coming up with blog post ideas can be a real chore. There are 52 blog post ideas in this toolkit - one for each week of the year. Use these ideas to create your long-form content, whether it's a blog post, vlog or podcast.


Look what else you will receive!

As well as the main toolkit bundle, you will also receive these 3 additional bonuses to help you achieve that ultimate marketing plan!

Bonus 1
52 Motivational Quotes for Posts

Everyone loves a good quote and they are brilliant to get people talking on social media platforms!

In this toolkit, you will find 52 motivational quotes already sourced for you to use in your posts - that's one for every week of the year! Sorted!

Bonus 2
50 Social Media Hashtag Ideas

Hashtags are great - but there are so many of them! What ones should you use and when?

This toolkit provides 50 popular hashtags - 5 suggestions for each day of the week and 15 extra ones to try out! 

Bonus 3
15 Social Media Post Types

Breaking down the types of posts that you can create will help inspire you to come up with different post types for each day of the week.

This will help build post engagement by preventing posts being over-repetitive and boring!

Who is the creator of The Ultimate Marketing Toolkit?

Meet Gillian Duncan.

Gillian is author, editor, podcast host and coach at Clarity Junction, an online platform that focuses on empowering women by helping them find self-worth, clarity and direction in their life.

Gillian is also author of the best-selling book, 'Sleep: Cure Your Insomnia, Improve Your Health & Feel Better Now', which is a holistic approach to improving the quality of your sleep.

She is a BSc graduate in Biomedical Sciences, with a career background in Neuroscience and Psychology.

Gillian is also a qualified NLP Life Coach, Yoga and Meditation teacher with over 20 years of entrepreneurial and business experience.

She brings all this knowledge, along with a wealth of life-experience, to help her clients become unstuck and create more success in their life.

Marketing Strategies Can Either Make or Break a Business

Marketing is all about getting the right message out to the right people at the right time.

If done well, this can really boost your business and bring in the clients that you need.

If done badly - or even not at all - then there is a risk of losing that chance of obtaining new clients - or worse, losing the ones you already have!

What you put out there to the world needs to work for you - not against you!

You can go about this in a number of ways.

Firstly, you can avoid marketing altogether, and stay invisible. If you are wanting to grow your business this is not recommended!

Secondly, you can just throw $1000's into paid advertising and hope for the best. Again, not recommended if you haven't done the basic homework.

Thirdly, you can learn some online marketing basics and start the ball rolling on generating free organic traffic to come to you, with the message that will convert your followers into paying customers.

The choice is yours! You either spend a few $1000's in the hope that it will work, or invest some time in learning marketing basics so that you can build that marketing plan that will showcase your business in the best possible way and attract the clients that you want. What will you decide?

THE ULtimate Magnetic Marketing Toolkit

Fire up your marketing plan today!





  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Magnetic Marketing Masterclass
  • Magnetic Marketing Workbook
  • 90 Day Social Media Content Schedule Planner
  • 52 Blog Post Ideas


  • 52 Motivational Quotes for Posts
  • 50 Social Media Hashtag Ideas
  • 15 Social Media Post Types
THE ULtimate Magnetic Marketing Toolkit

Fire up your marketing plan today!





  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Magnetic Marketing Masterclass
  • Magnetic Marketing Workbook
  • 90 Day Social Media Content Schedule Planner
  • 52 Blog Post Ideas


  • 52 Motivational Quotes for Posts
  • 50 Social Media Hashtag Ideas
  • 15 Social Media Post Types

A note from Gillian

This marketing toolkit comes from the heart. 

With business and entrepreneurial experience spanning over 20 years, I know first-hand what it's like to work for hours on end within your business, perfecting it and shaping it, only to discover that you aren't attracting any customers!

It's soul destroying.

If this sounds familiar to you, I want to help you get out of that rut.

Your marketing strategy can help to do this, and with the correct elements in place and understanding why they need to be there and what to put in them, you will begin to reach and attract more of the potential customers that you have been dreaming of!

I look forward to being able to help you on this journey to success.

Special offer! Enroll now and get a $70 discount !

Clarity Junction

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