Stop going round in circles. Allow yourself to see your business from a different perspective and discover how to grow.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to business or been an entrepreneur for a while, there’s always a time when you feel that you have reached a brick wall that you can’t get passed.

When you reach that wall, you can sit there for ages trying to figure out what to do next, but sometimes the answer isn’t clear.

You attempt one thing after another, but the more you do, the more you feel like you are going around in circles and still facing that same barrier in your business!

The key is having a different perspective on the situation, and that perspective is better when it is suggested by someone who isn’t as close to or as attached to the situation at hand.

When we face problems in life, whether that be business or personal, it’s always better to ask for a second opinion to help us to move forwards.

If you are facing challenges in your business, or perhaps you just feel that you are missing something but not sure what, then the Business Critique service is for you.

Seeing your business from a different perspective can open so many new doors.

The Business Critique Service

Actioned by experienced entrepreneur and business coach, Gillian Duncan, the one-to-one Business Critique service will

  • Dive into your enterprise from both a customer and business perspective
  • Highlight areas where your business could improve
  • Provide more clarity on how you can grow your business

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Book This Service

Your Business Critique begins with a 75-minute webchat session with Gillian so she can discover your business and you can open up to the main issues you feel that you are having with it.

In this call you will chat about many things including the current position of your business, your website and social sites, any specific areas of your business that you would like help in, and what your goals are for the future of your business.

Over a period of approximately 2 working weeks, Gillian will take time to analyse your business from both a business and customer perspective. During this time, she will find out what you are doing right, what needs improvement, and come up with suggestions for any implementations that could have a positive impact on your current business.

The Business Critique will then be delivered to you via another 75-minute webchat session when Gillian will go over her findings with you and discuss the main areas where improvements could be made.

Examples of areas that a Business Critique may cover:

  • Your personal and/or business branding
  • Your products and services
  • The clarity of your message
  • Your marketing content
  • Your customer’s journey

Who carries out your Business Critique?

Meet Gillian Duncan.

Gillian is founder, host, best-selling author and coach at Clarity Junction, an online platform that focuses on empowering female entrepreneurs by helping them find self-worth, clarity and direction in their business and personal life.

She is a BSc graduate with a career background in Neuroscience and Psychology as well as being a qualified Life Coach.

With over 20 years of entrepreneurial and business experience while balancing family life and health issues, Gillian understands how overwhelming being a fempreneur can be, and how quickly you can get stuck in a rut.

She also knows how rewarding and liberating entrepreneurship can be and is passionate about coaching fempreneurs on how to create a successful business while still retaining a healthy work-life balance.

She brings her knowledge, along with a wealth of life-experience, to help her clients become unstuck and create more success in every aspect of their life.

What Others are saying about Gillian's COaching

Couldn’t have done this without you Gillian!

I’m just wowed at all I’ve learned!

 You are such a jewel. I appreciate all you have shared and taught.

Thank you so much Gillian. I know that without your help all of this would still be floating aimlessly around my head.

Your trainings are awesome and jam packed!

 Your training was wonderful. Not overwhelming. I'm very grateful. Thank you.

Discover the potential of your business by booking the Business Critique service and start growing.

FOr Your Investment You will Receive:
  • One-to-One 75-minute discovery business breakdown web call
  • Detailed Business Critique Report
  • One-to-One 75-minute critique result web call



Personalised Business Critique Coaching with Gillian Duncan

A Note From Gillian

Having over 20 years of business and entrepreneurial experience (both on- and off-line) I have had to face many challenges in order to keep my business going forwards.

This has meant looking at my business from many different angles, taking on new directions, and also seeking the advice and opinions of other business mentors.

For your business to be a success, you not only need to have regular sales, but you also need to constantly be looking at ways to grow.

If not, your business will stagnate and slowly run down.

No fempreneur wants that!

Problems arise, however, if you can’t see the issues that are holding you back from growing.

If you can’t see them, you can’t change them.

Without change, your business will not progress.

When you assign me to carry out a critique on your business, I will look at your current state of affairs from different angles, and using my knowledge and experience, report back on the areas that could be holding your business back from that desired growth.

I am a straight talker, so don’t expect me to hold back if I see something that I feel needs changing! I have high standards, just like your pickiest of customers, and this also allows me to discover low points that you may not have seen before.

If you are ready to take this next step to improve your business, then click the button below and I look forward to being a part of your business success action plan!


Please note that this is a ‘Critique’ and may have conclusions that you may find hard to accept.

It’s not easy having someone come in and pull your business apart!

It is not meant to be upsetting, but if I weren’t honest and to the point, I wouldn’t be doing my job or serving you to the best of my ability.

My findings will be of my own opinion, based on years of business and entrepreneurial experience, and while I would recommend that you take steps to look into the areas that I may highlight, the decision to make changes within your business is ultimately your own decision.

If you are easily offended, or not open to honest opinions, then please do not apply for this service.

If you are ready to take a step out of the dark and make progressive changes, then I am waiting to work with you!

Stop wasting time and energy wondering why it's not working.

Booking a Business Critique can highlight areas in your enterprise that need improving, but you haven't noticed before.

FOr Your Investment You will Receive:
  • One-to-One 75-minute discovery business breakdown web call
  • Detailed Business Critique Report
  • One-to-One 75-minute critique result web call



Personalised Business Critique Coaching with Gillian Duncan

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