Intuition Meet People for a Reason

We Meet People for a Reason

Are you one to listen to your intuition, or gut feelings?

Do you sometimes find that you unexpectedly meet people who you seem to have a lot in common with, or people that have the right answer for your question, just at the right time?

Well, I truly believe that we meet people for a reason, and in this podcast episode I share my thoughts and a personal story that really affirmed this belief for me.



Welcome to the Clarity Junction podcast.

For as long as I can remember, I have always believed that we meet people for a reason.

Whether the reason is that we are to share life’s journey with them, share some knowledge or advice, or learn something deeper, more challenging about ourselves, we need others to come into our lives in order to shape our own development as a person.

So, in today’s episode, I would like to share my thoughts on this subject and a personal story that really affirmed this belief for me.

My name is Gillian Duncan, Positive Life and Wellbeing Coach, inspiring women to live the life they truly want, and I am delighted that you are here with me today.

We meet thousands of people throughout our lives. Some people we just pass in the street, never engaging with them, some we will encounter for a brief moment and share a conversation without ever knowing their names, and some we will befriend for life.

When I was a kid, I started to notice the groups of friends that we made at school always seemed to change. We would have a group and play our games in the playground, until the games started to get tired and a new game was created. Some kids would play this new game, and others would go off and form another group and play something different.

Over the years, our friendships changed, and we would be close to one friend for a while, then move on and befriend others.

Sure, there were times when there were arguments and fall outs, but that wasn’t the main reason why we would move on to engage with others. We moved on because it suited our needs. We learned from each other, and we would combine our imaginations when we played together. Once we reached a point where that imagination stagnated and there were no more new and exciting ways to challenge our play, we were simply drawn to others who could inject a new perspective to the game.

So, we got to know new friends and learn from each other.

Our paths crossing for that time, before we moved on to meet and learn from others.

Some of these friends we kept close and didn’t move far from. These were the friends that we felt shared a similar point of soul with us. The friends that we could truly be ourselves with and they with us. These friends became our support network. These were friends that had come into our lives to defend us, pick us up and encourage us to keep our dreams going.

As I became a young adult, I noticed these meetings and partings with colleagues, friends, and family in my life.

I took the approach that people came into my life for a reason. Whatever they had to share with me, they would, then when it was time, and I had learned all I could from them, they would part company with me.

This helped me to understand partings such as death amongst loved ones. It helped me to reason why people would come into my life to cause me pain and upset. It helped me to also appreciate when we should part from relationships that are no longer serving us, even though love and respect were still there.

Being a Glaswegian, born and brought up in Scotland, it is quite normal for me to chat to strangers. I am quite comfortable engaging in conversation while standing waiting for a bus, or in the queue at the supermarket. This is a natural trait for those of us who have lived in this area of the world. We will catch the eye of passer-byes and smile to say hello, so it’s quite normal for me to meet many people and wonder why our paths have crossed at that particular moment in time.

For example, only a few months ago, I was out walking in the town. It was a winters day and the darkness had drawn in by late afternoon. The shops were all lit up and people where hurrying to and fro, all wrapped up in their winter coats and scarves.

As I walked down the street, I saw a lady in the distance walking her dog. The dog was pulling on the lead and trying to smell every scent there was around it. The dog was quite powerful, and I could see the lady lose her balance often as she tried to steer the dog to keep walking on the pavement.

As she approached, I smiled at her and made a simple comment along the lines of, ‘Your dog really has a determined mind’. With that she stopped and sighed. She told me that she had rescued the dog and for weeks had been trying to train it to walk without pulling her or eating things from the street.

That opened our connection and I knew our paths were meant to cross. I knew that I noticed her for a reason.

I too have experience of rescue dogs and we started to share our stories and training tips. We stood for a good half hour chatting, exchanging our tips and advice, and by the time we parted, I could see that the troubles that had been on her mind when we first met, had lifted.

I had been able to reassure her that she was an amazing mum to her dog and shared some training tips with her that she hadn’t tried before.

We had been 2 strangers in a town of busy people. We didn’t know we would meet, but when we did, we had shared our experiences and knowledge with each other, and that energy exchange was positive for both of us.

Our paths were meant to cross.

You may think it strange to engage in conversation like this, or even believe that we can have a connection with complete strangers, and that it’s destiny that we meet certain people.

I can understand your feelings, but I wonder whether you would consider thinking this if you took a moment to recall any chance meetings that you have had with people in the past.

Has someone you met out of the blue, been able to change your day in any way? Have they helped you to reach something from a high shelf? Have they been able to give you directions? Have they opened the door for you or smiled at you when you were feeling low?

When I was in my early 20's, I travelled to The Netherlands to partake in a work-related conference. I travelled alone, and this was a new area to me.

Armed with my suitcase, tickets, and a map, I made my way from the airport to the train platform on my way to Leiden.

The platform was chaotic. So many people coming and going. I saw a train pull in, and by luck, a station guard was standing in front of me on the platform. I asked him if this was my train, and he nodded and directed me on to the carriage. I was so grateful. I found a seat and knew I would be arriving at my stop soon, then it would only be a short walk to my hotel where I could unpack, find food and rest for the night.

I sat and relaxed on the train, feeling excited about the days ahead and the conference that I would be attending. I was presenting and I couldn’t wait to meet others who were attending the event.

Stop by stop the train emptied, and I was beginning to wonder when I would reach my own stop.

Then I did – but it wasn’t at a station. I found myself on this empty train that had pulled into the train depot!

I really had no idea what to do. I was stuck on a train in a land foreign to me, with no means of help and no knowledge of their native language!

This was also the days before most of us had mobile phones.

I stood up and started to look to see if there were any guards about. I didn’t find a guard, but I did find another lady sitting in the same carriage.

She assured me that she would be able to get help and as a local, she was able to shout through to a passing guard outside, and raise the alarm that the train had passengers still waiting to arrive at their stop!

We were told to stay on the train and that the driver would be there soon to take the train back to a station, where we could then wait for another service to take us to our destination.

It was an inconvenience, but I was relieved that I was not alone and that I had been able to receive help.

The lady and I chatted as we waited. We exchanged stories. I had told her that I had recently travelled to Toronto in Canada, and she said that she had lived there for a few years. She was a nurse and she told me about her work.

Soon we were at a station. The lady walked towards the café and returned to me with a coffee. She handed me the coffee and then placed her hands on my head.

This may sound really strange, but I didn’t move, pull away, or wonder what she was up to.

I always get pressure headaches after I fly, and where she had placed her hands was just on the areas of my pain. She just stood silently, with her hands gently on my head, and I could feel the pain lift.

It was an amazing experience.

I thanked her and asked how she knew I had a headache. She continued to explain that she had realised that she had a gift of healing and was able to see auras. She could feel the pain and see my aura.

I was so fascinated by this. As we chatted more, she told me that she had always wanted to be a nurse, because she knew she could help people with the gift she had.

In that moment, I knew that our paths had crossed in this bizarre way for a reason. She was there, not only to heal me of my headache, or guide me from having ended up on a stray train, but to confirm that we really do meet people in our lives for a reason, and everyone we are destined to meet is there to teach us something and pass their energy on to us.

Soon we were on another train and heading in the right direction.

She let me know I was at my stop, and we parted there on the train.

I will never forget this encounter, and my only regret is that I never knew her name or exchanged contact details with her. But then, we must have realised that our moment had been there and then.

In that short time, I learned so much about our ability to connect through energy. I learned not to be afraid of things I cannot control or understand. I learned that an act of true kindness can last a lifetime.

You may argue that you would prefer not to have met some people in your life as they have brought grief and upset to you. My reply to this way of thinking, however, would be that in some way, you have attracted that person into your life through the energy that you give. There is no blame or fault in this, only that from each encounter you must learn and from that experience adjust your energy flow to help prevent similar lessons from being brought to you again.

These are my thoughts. This is the way that I see my world and who I meet. This is why I am so enthusiastic that we learn to use our natural instincts and listen to them more. If we can detect that something doesn’t feel right, then we should listen to that voice and do our best to avoid a person or a situation.

If we feel that there is a connection with someone, we should also listen to that voice and follow up on it. More often than not, we will be right and there will be a mutual reason for why your paths must cross.

Once you become more aware of the reason why you meet people on certain days, at certain times and in certain situations, the more you will tune-in to this way of thinking and you will become more open to these exchanges of energy.

Instead of walking by or ignoring someone, you may just stop to ask yourself, ‘Have our paths crossed for a reason? Why am I here with this person today? How can our energy help each other?’. Perhaps in that moment, just put your phone to one side, smile and say, ‘Hello’, you never know what you may learn.

That’s all for this episode.

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Bye for now and keep being awesome!

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