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Improve Your Sleep is an online course aimed at providing you with step-by-step information, tips and suggestions that you need in order for you to take action against your insomnia, right now.

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Here’s what people are saying about the book,

'Sleep Cure Your Insomnia Improve Your Health & Feel Better Now'

This is a new course, based on the knowledge of the author and coach, Gillian Duncan.

Here are some reviews of her work:

Catherine Turley

CEO at Fit Armadillo & Best-Selling Author of 'Superwomen Secrets Revealed'

Really enjoyed this book! I found it to be the perfect combination of scientific background and action-based tips for a better night's sleep. As someone who finds facts motivating, I really appreciated the author explaining why a lack of sleep has so many negative impacts. And while the science and focus on action has me motivated to implement the book's tips, I feel the best part of the book is the author's reason for writing it. Gillian didn't just write this book for a publisher. She was motivated to write it because she struggled with sleep and wanted to share her journey with others. Gillian knows how life can be better when you're getting regular sleep and she is passionate about helping you follow in her footsteps. Highly recommended!

Oran Kivity

Acupuncturist & Best-Selling Author of 'Moxa In Motion'

This is my kind of book. It feels like a conversation with the author, rather than a lecture. Duncan talks you through the basics of sleep: what it is, what it does and what not getting it can do, before explaining the many personal choices out there to help you sleep better. She's also got a very authentic way of writing, sharing her student day habit of munching on chocolate coated coffee beans (not good) and overcoming a serious injury with yoga (exercise is good for sleep).

As an acupuncturist, I will recommend this book to my patients who need practical strategies to overcome problems with sleep.

Suzy Wraines

Habit Change Health Coach & Founder of Wraines Wellness

Sleep is SO Important to our health!

I'm a Habit Change Health Coach and sleep is a huge topic that I talk to my clients about. When we don't get the sleep we need so many of our body systems are not working so during the day we have many other problems that we don't even recognize are sleep related.

This book has helped me to have another resource to share with my clients that backs up the research out in the world about the benefits of sleep and how it affects our bodies on a physiological level.

How important it is to have a regular sleep routine and that our body will function better when we stick to it. I have created this for myself and it is life-changing.

I love her Podcast!

I love this book! What a great read and full of insight. I recommend it to my clients all the time.

Thank you Gillian for writing it!

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