Activate the Power to Live Your Radiant Destiny

Activate the Power to Live Your Radiant Destiny

What is your Radiant Destiny?

How do you discover it and keep on that path to living it?

Have you ever felt fed-up or burned out with your life as it is now?

Do you wish you could live in more harmony with your body, mind and soul?

Is it really possible to live more intuitively?

In this podcast episode, Holistic Health and Transformation Coach, Julia Schneider shares her own journey from burnout to health and discloses how to find your radiant destiny and how you can live in alignment with it.


Meet Julia

Julia Schneider is a Holistic Health and Life Transformation Coach.

Julia Schneider

After her career as a personal trainer came to an abrupt end due to extreme burnout in her late 20's, and unable to find help through traditional modern medicine, Julia turned to nature and her intuition for guidance.

While walking through woods and swimming in lakes of crystal clear water, Julia began to understand how life works.

Today, she supports others to effortlessly maintain a state of optimal health and wellbeing through her Alive With Possibility coaching programmes, workshops and retreats.

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Gillian Duncan, Julia Schneider

Gillian Duncan  00:00

Hello and welcome to the Clarity Junction podcast. Today, I welcome Holistic Health and Life Transformation Coach, Julia Schneider to the show. Our topic today is how to activate the power to live your radiant destiny. So, we are talking about discovering how we can live more intuitively and in alignment with our true path in life without being so distracted by external manmade influences. We are talking about how to live the life you truly want, not just the life that you think you want, or the life you have been told that you should want. We are not put on life just to follow other people's paths. We have our own journey that we must follow. It's true, we all come from nature and no matter how much we fight it, we all have natural internal rhythms and systems that tend to sync with the world that we live in. The more that we ignore this natural state, the more we seem to create disharmony within our own psychology, physiology and spirituality. Perhaps it's time to let nature back in. Julia has a wonderful story and message for us all today. So, keep listening to discover how you can activate the power to live your radiant destiny. My name is Gillian Duncan, Positive Life and Wellbeing Coach, inspiring women to live the life they really want, and I'm delighted that you're here with me today. 

Hi, Julia. Welcome to the Clarity Junction podcast.

Julia Schneider  01:34

Hi there. Very happy to be here. Really excited about our chat.

Gillian Duncan  01:38

I'm so pleased that you have decided to come on the show today, Julia, as I'm really looking forward to our topic of how we can activate the power to live our radiant destiny. You know, when we are a kid and life seems so full of possibilities, we never think that by the time we are an adult that that feeling of wonder for the world would be dampened so much, and our carefree minds would be blocked by so many external manmade influences. So much to the point that we often lose a sense of who we really are, and what life is truly about. Now, I know Julia that you have been on your own personal journey of rediscovering life, and I would love you to begin our chat today by telling our listeners a little bit about yourself, and that just amazing journey that you've been on.

Julia Schneider  02:35

I'd be so happy to. So, I actually, I'd like to start to talk about the intuitive part. So, I've been very intuitive as a child, you know, like my entire life, as I remember myself, I always had these kind of very interesting experiences that no one could explain and, and I couldn't explain it either. And, but then, you know, as you know, the more I grew up, I became a teenager than a young adult and an older adult, you know, our society is not very supportive. Although it's changing now, things are actually moving, in my opinion in the right direction, but oftentimes our society, you know, like, if you get an intuitive hunch about something in society, you know, people either dismiss it or they think it's nonsense, or sometimes it might sound reasonable to them, but they're just to kind of scared to affirm it, so oftentimes, people who are very intuitive end up being ridiculed, and as a result, they shut down. So, they sort of stop trusting their intuition.

Gillian Duncan  03:43


Julia Schneider  03:44

And so, what happened with me is that, as a child, I was very intuitive and then same thing started to happen to me. I would share my intuitive insights and people would just kind of look at me like, 'Oh, come on, that's just like nonsense. You're making it up', you know? And gradually I started, it's not like I cut it off, like, you know, but I gradually started to shift more into my logical mind and not listen to my intuition as much. And what happened about 11/12 years ago is that I was working as a personal trainer, I have a career in health and wellness and I, I burnt out. I, because I was so driven intellectually, I studied, you know... Actually, let me tell you my schedule. So, I would go to university. No, before I went to university, I would wake up at six in the morning, go to the gym, train people, then go to university, teach fitness classes in between my lectures, come back to the gym, train people some more, study for exams in between the personal training sessions, and go to bed around midnight, and it started all over again. And although it was happening because I was very driven to succeed academically and to have as much knowledge as I can to, you know, to help my clients reach their health goals, and about four years into my career, I actually burnt out because it was too much. I, you know, in my mind kept telling me that I need to keep going, what, and as a result, I wasn't actually listening to my body and to my intuitive knowing about what's right for me. And so, I burnt out. And when I say burnt out, it's, it was pretty extreme. There's four stages of burnout. The first stage is the person typically doesn't really feel anything different. There is maybe just a little bit of lethargy here and there, but they don't notice it, typically. Second Stage is you, you start getting tired, like you started noticing that you're tired when you were not tired before. Third stage is when you're so tired, you can barely move. And then stage number four is when you die, because your organs shut down and your body cannot produce adrenaline anymore. So, you, you basically pass on. And when I burned out, I had adrenal fatigue stage three. And I basically, I couldn't move. Even thinking about lifting my arm was exhausting. And so, you know, so basically, my entire career just fell apart because I couldn't work as a personal trainer anymore. And even though I had a lot of knowledge in health, I couldn't trust this knowledge because the results was, you know, right in my face, I was burnt out, which told me that what I know intellectually, is not actually, you know, it didn't really help me, because I'm burnt out, right? Like, if I actually knew how to be healthy, you know, based on the intellectual knowledge that I had, I would not have burnt out. So, that was my reasoning. And what I ended up doing is I pretty much pressed pause on my life, and I said to myself, 'Okay, well, considering the fact that I have all this knowledge that didn't work for me. What can I do? Like I need to step back and look at my life and see how, like, how my lifestyle actually caused the burnout'. Because, once again, it just didn't make sense. You know, as a health professional, I expected myself to be healthy, all the time, right? And that's what I did. So, I stepped away from my career. And, you know, from my life in general. I worked, I found another job where I didn't have to be so physical, and I had a lot of time to experiment and, you know, research things. And I started looking into, you know, like, what's underneath the burnout like what actually happened? And what I discovered were a few things. First of all, I was doing way too much, just way too much for my body to be able to handle it. And I was ignoring my intuitive knowing, as I mentioned before, so that's something I started to gradually shift. And then I also learned about emotional wellness and I realised that the way I handled certain situations emotionally was also driving the burnout because I would get, I was not, I didn't know how to regulate my emotions in a way that they could just flow. Like, there would be, I guess a lot of my emotions kept getting stuck, which also contributed to the burnout. Anyway, so you know, as years progressed, I also started noticing that, okay, so let's say my intellectual knowledge says that I have to eat, you know certain foods, because that's what's healthy. You know, that's what's considered as healthy. And then, I would tune into my body and my body would be like, 'No, I really don't want that'. You know, and then I would be like, 'Okay, but like, that doesn't make sense. Like, who do I listen to? Do I listen to my body, or do I listen to the intellectual knowledge that I have?' And you know, at first it was pretty scary, because I was, you know, I was concerned that maybe I'm gonna make the wrong choices, wrong decisions, but I gradually started shifting into really honouring my body first. So, I would go to the fridge, for example, and I would open the fridge and I would ask my body, 'Okay, well, what do you want? What do you want?' And I learned the difference between craving and a genuine request that my body's making. And so I started following those requests and guess what? I actually started getting better. So, while I was following my intellectual knowledge, there was, you know, recovery just wasn't happening. I just kept being really tired for two years, you know, couldn't sleep couldn't, it was, you know, it was like full on adrenal fatigue. And then, once I started to gradually listen to my body in honour what it was asking me for, gradually, my health started to get better. So, that was, you know, that was a very positive reinforcement for me. And I decided, 'Okay, well, I need to take this deeper, you know, if, if I'm getting these kind of results by listening to what my body's saying, I wonder what's going to happen, you know, like, I wonder if I listen to my intuition and actually take action, I wonder what's gonna happen?' And I gradually started, so, at first I was a little bit you know, like, nervous doing it because again, I don't know if you've ever experienced like a health breakdown, but it's a very scary thing because nobody knows what actually happens, you know, like the doctors have their theories, but in the end of the day, nobody actually knows. And it's kind of like, it's a tossup, really, you know? And so, first of all, you know, like, I felt really scared to make those choices. But then I told myself, 'Well, you know, what? I actually have a lot of intellectual knowledge as it comes to health. So, what I'm going to be doing, I'm going to listen to my intuition, and I'm going to see how that matches up with what I know intellectually. And, you know, if my intuition tells me something that is, like, totally out there and feels really, really, really weird, then I'm not gonna follow it'. That's the agreement I made with myself.

Gillian Duncan  11:50


Julia Schneider  11:51

And, and gradually, you know, the more I did that, I was led intuitively to the right practitioners. To the right supplements, to the right, you know, physical practices to like, you know, yoga. Restorative yoga was just a saver for me, you know?

Gillian Duncan  12:10

Yeah. It's brilliant.

Julia Schneider  12:12

Yeah. And then I would say like, the last piece of this journey was me intuitively knowing that I have to do a Chinese foot reflexology course. So, I knew I needed to learn how to do reflexology on myself. And I had no idea why. It's never been my interest. Like, I mean, I'm very interested in Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, but I never actually had this inspiration to study reflexology until I got the intuitive knowing, you know, intuitive hit. Soon as I got it, guess what happened? The next day I get an email from The Shift Network. I think, you know them, it's like, it's a platform basically that does online courses.

Gillian Duncan  12:54


Julia Schneider  12:55

And I get an email from them and guess what course they were launching? Chinese reflexology!

Gillian Duncan  13:02

It was meant to be.

Julia Schneider  13:04

I was like, perfect! And once I took that, and I learned that, that's how, when I fully recovered. So, that was kind of my journey in terms of intuition.

Gillian Duncan  13:12

That was quite a journey that you've been on, and I appreciate you sharing that with us. It really just shows that perhaps we need to slow down and listen to our body rather than being pushed in life by other people and our society, and also the things that we are, sort of, expected to do in our life rather than how we actually feel and where we feel that we should be going as a person. And I'd love to go back to that comment that you made about when you were young and you were intuitive, as a lot of us are, and that it kind of gets sort of beaten out of us by others. People just are scared to accept that we do have an internal thinking, an internal knowledge and a reasoning, that we are connected, and we do have that other level as almost like a spiritual level that we have within us, and we are all born with that. But as we come through childhood, then into teenage years and being a young adult, it's not acceptable in our society. And it's such a shame. It's, it could be saving a lot of our time and our, our health issues as well.

Julia Schneider  14:28

Oh, yeah, for sure. I'm so glad you said it, because, you know, there's actually, I mean, it's still very fresh, you know, this movement is still very new. But I've been seeing more and more business coaching, actually, that relies on intuition. And I, in the last two years, actually, because you see everything else in my life, I sort of shifted into living intuitively, but as it came to my business, it was really scary for me, because, once again, it's like, my mind was like, 'Well, no, no, no. Business needs to be done logically, you know. Business is not, like, you don't do your business intuitively. It's not like, okay...'

Gillian Duncan  15:08


Julia Schneider  15:09

And then I joined this platform that actually supports the usage of intuition in your business and, oh my God, my life has never been the same ever since. Because here's the other part of this, is, you know, like speaking about activating the power to live our radiant destiny, you know, in order for us to be able to live our destiny, like, true authentic destiny to the fullest, we actually have to have enough energy. Because if we don't have enough energy to actually take the right kind of actions, it's really impossible to be on the, you know, I mean, you could be on the right path, but nothing is gonna happen. Because, you know, part, it is, that in my experience, it's part Spirit, part human action. Like, it doesn't happen just with spirit or just with human action, like it has to work together.

Gillian Duncan  16:09


Julia Schneider  16:10

And, so what I started doing, you know, after this experiment of, you know, listening to my body and listening to my intuition work, I started sensing into my life path. Because, you know, what became really clear to me is that oftentimes, people burn out because they are following someone else's path.

Gillian Duncan  16:36


Julia Schneider  16:36

You know? right?

Gillian Duncan  16:38

Yeah. Absolutely.

Julia Schneider  16:39

Yeah. Like, why does it happen? You know, it happens because University tells us this is supposed to be. Our parents tell us this how it's supposed to be, you know, like our society tells us. And so, oftentimes people, you know, even though they, you know, sometimes they actually feel a very strong urge and kind of inspiration to go their own way, oftentimes there's not enough support to do that.

Gillian Duncan  17:04

Yeah, we have to suppress it, don't we?

Julia Schneider  17:06

Yeah, and then we have to suppress it and then we end up doing work that is actually not right for us. And then we, you know, we get, you know, not everybody, I'm generalising here but like, you know, a lot of people. That's how overeating happens, 'cause, you know, like, I know that when I was in a job that I wasn't happy I would, after work, I would go to the store and buy myself some nice snacks to make up for, for the misery of the day.

Gillian Duncan  17:34


Julia Schneider  17:35

Right? And you know, people do it in different ways. Some people, you know, overeat some people over exercise, some people, you know, do something else to kind of numb out this, you know, really internal pain and unhappiness of not following your authentic path. And that contributes to health issues and burnout. So, I guess to summarise what I'm trying to say is that, from what I found, from my you know, my research into how to make sure that we actually don't burn out, is it's important to live your life in alignment to your own unique destiny.

Gillian Duncan  18:11

Brilliant. I really love that. I absolutely love that. As you say, there's so many people out there that will tell us what to do and judge for us what we should be doing, and we really need to start living the life that we want and the life that we are made to live. I honestly think that we've all got, we're all born with a path in life and we should be able to follow that. And if we can listen to our own intuitive thoughts, we should be able to do that with ease. But again, there's so many miss directions out there. There's so many other paths that we are, sort of, pushed down, as you mentioned, from perhaps parents, perhaps teachers, society, they all mean well, but it sort of makes you go down a path that you're not in alignment with and your fighting your inner self and it never leads to happiness. It never leads to happiness at all. I'd love to ask you the question, though, how do you define, now we mentioned radiant destiny but how do you define living your radiant destiny?

Julia Schneider  19:17

Yeah, so living and reading destiny is, you know that you're living it when you feel fully lit up. When, when you are in alignment with your unique path, it's, oh my gosh, just something incredible happens. It's, for me, when I moved into alignment was my path. it's like, first of all, I feel very vibrantly alive. I'm very energised, and I feel very inspired. So, it's, you know, it's an emotional state. And then things start happening very organically. So, just like remember how I mentioned the Chinese foot reflexology course appearing in my inbox? Yeah? That's how it happens. It's like, you know, right now, for example, I'm creating a online magazine and it's all in alignment with, you know, conservation of nature and inspiring people to get outdoors and to, you know, live their life to the fullest, which is very much in alignment with my destiny because I feel that this is really what I'm here for, to help people, you know, to inspire people. And what's happened, you know, like putting together magazines, it's a, it's a big job.

Gillian Duncan  20:30


Julia Schneider  20:31

But what's happening is that I'm actually not pretty much not doing anything. You know, I, what I've done so far is, you know, I contacted various people to submit some articles, and that's about it. It's almost like I'm just orchestrating the flow, and things work themselves out on their own. So, you know, the writers are submitting the articles. Then I needed support was formatting the magazine. All of a sudden, I had, I heard from someone that I used to work with in the past, and we haven't talked in a really long time, and she reached out like, 'Oh, yeah, I'm ready to take in, take on some work', right? So, it was like perfect timing. And what happens is that, like, when you live in alignment with your destiny, everything becomes very easy. Very easy, very inspiring, really fun, and we feel very fulfilled. And it's just like, it's, you get this sense of contentment, and knowing that you're exactly on the right pat. It just happens very organically. So, I would say, you know, that's how I would define it. It's like when you feel in harmony and vibrantly alive, that's how you know that you're on your path.

Gillian Duncan  21:43

So, how can we figure out what our radiant destiny is?

Julia Schneider  21:48

Good question. So, there's a few ways. So, okay, so for me the way I do it, it depends. You know, it actually depends on how intuitive the person is. Meaning, not if they have intuition or not, because I think everyone comes into this world with their intuitive capacities, it's kind of like factory installed, like they already have it, it's not something we need to develop or, but it depends on how sensitive the person is to the energy that they're picking up. So, if the person is very sensitive, meaning that if they get very clear messages from the energy field, what I typically do is I take my clients into the forest, and we just allow nature to kind of harmonise their energy. And then I ask the client to imagine that they see their future self, about a year in the future. And just noticing what the future, you know, what she's wearing, what she looks like, what's happening in her life, and then just having a conversation with this future self and having her tell the client what she did to get to the place where she is. And. actually I've never had an experience where someone was not able to get an answer this way. Oftentimes, you know, the sensing into the future kind of gives you answers, if you, in the present, you don't actually realise that that's the direction you need to take. But when it comes from the future, it's like, 'Oh, my gosh. Of course, that's exactly what I need to do'. And then, I just encourage people to take, you know, one little step at a time, because oftentimes, we tend to plan five years ahead, 10 years ahead, right? But, you know, destiny is something that is not actually fixed. At least, again, I'm just sharing it from my perspective, you know, maybe somebody else thinks differently, but in my experience, and opinion, destiny is not fixed. It's like, there's many, many, many opportunities and possibilities in the field, but it's up to us to sense in and pick the one that lights us up the most. So, does that make sense?

Gillian Duncan  24:08

It does. Yes, it does. And it's almost like, the practice that you're describing, is almost like having hindsight, but having it in the present moment. So,

Julia Schneider  24:20


Gillian Duncan  24:21

You're visualising 12 months ahead, and you can see where you are, and I guess you can see what you don't want as well? And therefore, you can change the path between now and then, so that you can go down the direction that you do want to go in and avoid the other path that you, that you seem to be on as well. So, your focus will completely change in that, in those 12 months. So, it's just one step at a time all the way through. I think that's just a brilliant method of pointing somebody in the right direction.

Julia Schneider  24:58

Yeah, and I think I want to point out that, because it's really important, that to do this, it's very important not to do this with your mind. Because, oftentimes, you know, I had a lot of experience with clients in the beginning, they 'think' into the future. So, it's, it's like, 'Okay, well, you know, I want to have a horse ranch', for example, like, let's say, some client comes to me and they look into the future, and it's like, because they already know that they want to have a horse ranch, it's almost like, 'Okay, well, that's what I see in the future'. But that's intellectual and that's not what we're looking for. We're looking for an intuitive sense. And, oftentimes, when someone uses their intuitive sense, to sense into the future, the answer that comes back is, oftentimes, not something they even thought about. Like, I'll tell you an example. So, I, this is just so bizarre, because I was, when I was doing it for myself, I was sensing into, 'Okay, so where does my business want to go next?' That's, you know, something I was curious about. And so, I saw my future self, and she told me that she created a documentary. And I'm like, 'What? A documentary?', like, I never in my entire life, ever thought about making a documentary before? You know?

Gillian Duncan  26:20


Julia Schneider  26:20

And felt so real and so true, that as soon as I saw it, it's like, in my mind, at least something just clicked. I was like, 'Oh, my God, of course!' A documentary just felt so right. And as soon as I, you know, connected with all of that, all of a sudden, I started getting documentary makers contact me, and I started getting, you know, friends telling me about how they made their, you know, their own documentaries, you know? And everything just started unfolding this way. But it happened, you know, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I actually did not, I did not expect this answer. It just happened. Very intuitively. Like, it happened organically. And this is how I could trust that the message is accurate, because I wasn't planning it out with my mind.

Gillian Duncan  27:09

So really, we don't want to overthink anything. We just want to feel more. We want to have our senses engaged rather than our thoughts.

Julia Schneider  27:20

Yes, exactly. Yeah. Like, thinking has a place, of course, you know? I don't want to say that, like, you should never think but, you know, thinking should be used in service to intuition, not the way not the other way around.

Gillian Duncan  27:33

So, Julia, what does it take to live in alignment with our radiant destiny?

Julia Schneider  27:38

Yeah, yeah. So that's, that's the catch, right?

Gillian Duncan  27:42


Julia Schneider  27:42

We can sense into our destiny path, but the key is to actually take action on, based on what we sense. And that's where I find a lot of people lose traction is, you know, because a lot of people especially nowadays, you know, like, it's still shifting, you know, we still need to do much more work in terms of getting our society to become, you know, to rely more on intuition. But, you know, there's a lot of people nowadays who are curious about it, and they're in touch with their intuition, but where the hiccup happens is the taking action part. Because what happens is again, like, for example, you know, there's this documentary thing that I had. I, because I already know that when I take action on my intuition, good things happen.

Gillian Duncan  28:36


Julia Schneider  28:37

So, when I heard the documentary, yeah, sure, it was very weird, and I was like, 'Ah, I have no idea how to do it. I have no budget for that'. Like, I could have easily said to myself, 'You know what? That's kind of crazy. Like that's, you know, I have no idea where that came from', and just throw it out. But I didn't do that because I know that if I follow this, because my intuition told me, I know that good things are gonna happen. And the more I explore this area, the more, you know, really good relationships I build, the more, I don't know, like, my life just keeps unfolding in very beautiful ways. And so, uh, yeah, so to answer the question of how can we live in alignment with our destiny is having the right support. Like, we need to have the kind of support that will, you know, in moments where we get scared, which, which are going to happen, and I will, you know, I'm even going to say it's probably gonna happen pretty frequently.

Gillian Duncan  29:42


Julia Schneider  29:43

You know, because you see, like, the human physiology designed to protect us, which is why when something happens in our life that our, you know, our physiology can't explain. the body gets scared, so it's not even that, you know, I don't want to like, break the human up into pieces, but you know, the body itself is a, it's almost like an animal mechanism and it operates on instinct. So, if the instinct says that there's something dangerous in the environment, or, you know, danger could be perceived as the lack of something that could create safety for us, and so our body could get triggered. When the body gets triggered, our mind gets triggered. If our mind gets triggered and there's no process to stop that or transform that, then it's very likely that you're not going to follow our intuition. But we can put ourselves into an environment where, okay, let's say we get triggered, but someone else is holding space for us and they say, 'You know what? Honestly, I really understand where you're coming from. I understand that it's scary. I understand that it feels really vulnerable to follow what your intuition said, but I believe in you. I believe that what you are getting is the right thing. And I encourage you to take the next step', you know?And when we have that, in our space, it's so much easier to actually follow through with what we're hearing

Gillian Duncan  31:17

Absolutely. That support and somebody who knows where you're coming from. And that belief, that is so powerful when somebody actually says to you, even when you're self-doubting yourself, and you're scared, and you're not sure where to go and what to do when somebody turns around to you and says, 'I believe in you', that opens up a whole other world to you doesn't it?

Julia Schneider  31:41

Yeah. Yeah, it's priceless. It's just very powerful to have that.

Gillian Duncan  31:47

So, the moral of our story is we need to believe more in other people and support them a little bit more on their journeys, even though we might not get it and we might not understand where they're going. We have to still, sort of, step back and say, 'You know, if this is where you feel that you need to be in life, then I believe in you and I support you'.

Julia Schneider  32:07

Yeah, exactly. Exactly. The more of that the better.

Gillian Duncan  32:11

So, apart from people being negative about us, and, you know, saying that they don't believe in us and not supporting us, what might get in the way of us living in alignment with our radiant destiny?

Julia Schneider  32:24

Yeah, well, you know, it's all the things I mentioned before, you know, the fear and all of that, but it's also you know, the day to day life. Because I was actually talking to somebody yesterday, and they were talking about something similar, and she said to me, 'Well, you know, I don't know if my husband is going to be supportive of me following my intuition as opposed to doing the laundry', right?

Gillian Duncan  32:45


Julia Schneider  32:47

I mean, I totally get that. Like, we have a lot of responsibilities as adults, right? And I think, you know, if we are not careful, this totally could get in the way of us, you know, living in alignment with our destiny. And what we can do about it is, you know, it takes some time, like, you need to rearrange your life a little bit, but it's really sitting down and asking yourself, 'Okay, well how much energy do I want to invest in the day to day life? And how much energy do I want to invest in actually living in alignment with my destiny and how can I bring all of this into alignment? Like, how can I bring my day to day responsibilities in alignment with my destiny path?' So, for example, you know, the suggestion I gave that person yesterday is if something you are doing like, one of your chores that you need to do, if it actually takes away from you living on your path, delegate it, you know. So, if you need to do laundry, there is laundry service you know, like, you can easily support an entrepreneur who loves to do laundry? You know?

Gillian Duncan  34:02


Julia Schneider  34:02

And, and, you know, if there's like an issue of money, there's always, you can, you can barter, right? You can find ways where all those responsibilities that we have on our shoulders don't have to be there. And, and the other part of it is simplifying your life, right? It's like asking yourself, 'well, do I really need all of this stuff that I do? Like, do I really need to do it? Or am I doing it because I'm bored? Or am I doing it because I think I have to do it?', you know? Like, getting really clear with yourself and taking responsibility for the kind of life you want to have, right?

Gillian Duncan  34:43

Yeah, absolutely. I'm totally in agreeance with you there because I do feel, particularly us women, I feel that we often get shoehorned into life that we accept over time and we accept that those are our responsibilities and every other woman's doing them, so we have to take those chores and those tasks and those thoughts and the, perhaps the prejudices, and we have to take them on board, and we have to live our life in that particular way, because it's expected of us. And when we take that step out of that box, and we start to ask ourselves, actually, 'what else should I be or could I be doing with my life?', then that opens up a whole nother area and it also opens up that possibility of as, as you were saying, delegating other tasks to other people. Almost creating a community around us to support us to move forwards in what we want to do so all of a sudden, something that was perhaps, you know, it was never going to happen, something that we thought was not allowed or not right for us to do, all of a sudden, we've built up a system and a community around our own lives that enable us to do something. And it all of a sudden feels the right thing to do. Just by taking that step, but it takes that courage and that bravery in order to take the steps first.

Julia Schneider  36:19

Yeah, I love what you're saying. It's so true. Exactly. And, you know, that's, you know, the other part of what might get in the way is, is this fear because, you see, a lot of us actually feel and know that in order for us to be happy and feel fulfilled and feel lit up, our life needs to change, but it's too scary, right? Because friendships might fall away, right?

Gillian Duncan  36:44


Julia Schneider  36:44

You know, or who knows? Maybe even your, you know, romantic relationship. You know what I mean? Like, there's just a lot of very serious things that could happen, really. But, and that's where community support comes in again. It's like, it's, I would say it's very difficult to shift, shift your life on your own. It's, I mean, it's doable. A lot of people do it, but it's very, it could be scary, and it could be challenging. But when we can plug ourselves in into a community, this is really supportive of where we're going, it's, it becomes much less scary, you know? Much less scary and easier and a much more pleasant experience.

Gillian Duncan  37:26

And you're never completely alone in this either. So, there are always other people out there who will help you form that community. And as you were saying earlier, when you started to really listen to your intuition and listen to the path that you needed to go on, these people presented themselves to you. You didn't have to actively search and search and spend months and days trying to find these people, you opened up that thought that this was what you wanted to do, and because you opened up to that, it opened up a door for these people to actually come through and say, 'Hi, I'm here, I want to help you. And this is what I can do for you'.

Julia Schneider  38:09

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I love how you summarise it. Exactly. That's exactly how it happened.

Gillian Duncan  38:14

So, one big question for you, once we are on that path, and we're living in alignment with our radiant destiny, what can we do to stay on course?

Julia Schneider  38:25

Well, you know, it's, it's, I would say my answers probably gonna be the same. It's staying inside of a community, that helps us stay on course, and it is staying, you know, like, and having a consistent structure. So, for example, what I do for myself is, I am actually a part of a learning community where we come together once a month, and we sense into the next step of our destiny. Like, the next unfoldment and then we have a month to implement that. I actually, I have a, you know, some people call it a accountability buddy, but I call it a power partner. She is my power partner. And her and I, so aside from the structure of once a month sensing and into the next step, her and I meet twice a month, and we talk about anything that comes up, you know, in the, basically anything that gets in the way of what we saw in our vision, you know, and we sort of work through that. And for me, you know, it's been, I've been doing this for years, and it works really well. So, I would, I would encourage everyone to do is, ask yourself, like, 'What kind of support structure do you need to be able to continue to take the next step and make sure that, you know, the fears and the stress and the daily responsibilities don't, don't knock you out?', you know?

Gillian Duncan  39:46


Julia Schneider  39:47

And yeah, once you're clear on that, the next step is to figure out where you can find the support or if it's something very unique, then you, you create it. You know, you just, I can't even begin to tell you how many groups I've created.

Gillian Duncan  40:02


Julia Schneider  40:03

You know, I just needed support and there was, you know, there was nothing out there that felt fully in alignment was what I needed. So I was like, 'Okay, I'm just gonna create it'. And you know, and yep, it works really well.

Gillian Duncan  40:15

And I guess the other part of it is, if you're on that path, and you decide or you feel, or you get that sort of signal that it's not for you, don't be afraid to change your mind and change direction again.

Julia Schneider  40:32

Yeah, yeah, exactly. It's, I really love that you said it because it's, I think all it comes down to is trust. It's trusting that even though a certain direction might not be working out for you, or doesn't make sense, it just knowing that okay, if this doesn't work out, it's fine because it took me a little bit closer to where I'm going and I trust that something else that is even more in alignment will be here in no time. You know, and just being open and available to receive it once it drops, you know drops into your consciousness,

Gillian Duncan  41:10

Yeah, I sometimes think that if I find myself on a path that I, you know, no longer enjoy and I no longer feel in alignment with, I often put that down to the learning experience. So that I know that I've learned an awful lot on that path and that journey, but it's not the complete destiny that I want to have. It's not the complete outcome. And so, I can use that knowledge to sidetrack and to take a different path and to go down there because nothing's set in stone, and sometimes things in life change. You know, you're, the challenges that you face in life change, situations and everything else. And all of a sudden, you know, we don't maybe want the same thing anymore or we feel that it's not right for us. So, again, it's just, it's not to be afraid of that change, but, and not to be sad either and not to beat yourself up about it. It's to say, well, you know, that happened for a reason, everything always happens for a reason. I truly believe that and that we need to take everything that we do in life as as that learning and that, that steppingstone.

Julia Schneider  42:20

Mm hmm. Yeah, that's so true. Like, I actually have a very, very clear example of that, um, you know, that I spent a few years especially like, when I burnt out because I couldn't really do much because I was so tired. So, I spend, I would say, let's say two to three years, trying to put an online offer, you know, the creative online course or I didn't know anything about technology back then, and so it was all new for me. And I, you know, I tried different ways. I tried different styles and, and then I realised you know, what I actually, online stuff, I mean, I do some online stuff, but actually really like the in-person kind of stuff. And, you know, and then I look back at the two to three years of like, wow, that's kind of crazy. I sort of like, ‘Did I just waste two or three years?’, and then I realised I actually didn't waste anything, because now, because I am so skilled at building sales pages and websites, right? Because I've learned that, now, I can put together offers in an instant, you know, and, like, especially at this point in my life, I'm getting so many opportunities coming my way to do the kind of work that I love that if I actually had to figure out like, I had to take time and learn how to use all the tools, it will be very difficult for me. I would not be able to say 'yes' to most, to at least half of the opportunities because I wouldn't have time for it. But because I learned all of those skills, you know, now I can say 'yes' to pretty much everything because, you know, it takes me very, like it's very quick for me to do it. So, nothing is ever wasted. Like everything, at least in my experience, just like you said, like everything that we do on our path is just preparing us to the next step for the next step.

Gillian Duncan  44:13

It definitely it is. I think, as well, if you hadn't gone and learned all your technical side of things and your website, we would never have met.

Julia Schneider  44:22


Gillian Duncan  44:23

Yeah. So, you even think about that, we would never have, our paths would never have crossed, and we wouldn't be having this discussion, and you wouldn't be sharing your message with all these other people. So, yeah, so there was a reason for you doing all that. And there's more of a reason isn't there as well? You've got an online membership now, that is there for those who run their own business, and it's called the Intuitive Business Mastermind. Please Julia, can you tell us a little bit more about the membership?

Julia Schneider  44:56

Oh my gosh, I'll be so happy too. I'm so, so excited about this. So, it's something I created for people like me, actually, who, you know, who are, because I, I knew, I would say, I knew very early on what was mine to do on this planet, but I didn't know how to do it. And it was a bit unclear and really, I couldn't figure it out. So, I didn't, you know, and I got a lot of support, and so I am, you know, where I am now, but I realised that, you know, people still need this kind of support. People need to be a part of a container, where as we were talking about it earlier, you know, people believe in you and people reflect back to you things about yourself that you might not actually be able to see, you know? Oftentimes, you know, because I actually facilitate another circle, it's a speaking, practice, you know, practice to public speaking, and oftentimes what I get, you know, the feedback that I get is that when I reflect to somebody else, what I received from their presentation, what I heard, how, you know, how I was moved by what they're sharing, they tell me that they had no idea that this is how they show up. And so, I feel that it's really important to be in an environment where people can mirror you properly, where people can amplify your brilliance, you know, help you discover what you're really good at and amplify it, you know? And so, I decided to create this online mastermind and to offer support, you know, on a few different levels. So, one level is transformational coaching, because there's a lot of, you know, a lot of business programmes and membership sites out there that teach you how to build landing pages and mailing lists and all that stuff right? Like the practical stuff, and it's really important you need to know that, but oftentimes, I find that what actually prevents entrepreneurs from being really successful is that 'inner stuff'. It's the, you know, the lack of self-worth, for example, the trouble believing that with what we're offering is actually really valuable, you know? Some people have imposter syndrome, you know, that kind of stuff. And so, in this, inside this intuitive business mastermind, I'm going to be offering coaching. It's called Feminine Power, Transformational Coaching, and to help people to move past that stuff, you know, the inner barriers to success. And, you know, another thing that I really, really, really, really want to help people with is being in an environment where they can create powerful collaborations with other people. Because you know, as entrepreneurs it's, it's hard.

Gillian Duncan  47:57

Yeah, it sure is.

Julia Schneider  47:58

Doing it ourselves, it's just so hard, because we have to do everything, right? And also as well as we have to do everything, it's sometimes, for example, we have an idea in our mind, but because it's, you know, we don't have anyone to bounce ideas off of, right?

Gillian Duncan  48:15


Julia Schneider  48:15

It's sort of, it's hard to us first gauge if it's a good idea, you know. And so, in this mastermind, I'd like to offer people support with finding the right collaborations where people can create things together with other people, and without having to lose sovereignty over their own business. So it's kind of like the collaborations happen in a way where, let's say three businesses, you know, 3/4 businesses come together and figure out how they can share resources and support each other in a way that everybody rises, you know, like, you know, the saying, 'A rising tide lifts all boats', right? So, that's what I'd like to create in there. And, and of course, there's gonna be fun practical support, and, you know, hot seats, that kind of stuff as well.

Gillian Duncan  49:05

That's brilliant. I just love the whole aspect, you're talking about collaborations, because a lot of times when you come into business, you come across lots of other people who are doing something similar to yourself, but when you approach them to say, 'Well, let's collaborate. Let's do something together. Let's, sort of, take the knowledge that we have, and you know, use it, bounce off each other', a lot of people clam up and they take a step backwards and they don't, they're frightened because I think they're frightened they, that you will take their ideas or, you know, they're going to, you're going to shine and they won't, and if they can let that go, then they could actually realise that collaborating with somebody who has a similar knowledge or a similar audience, it can be so much more powerful to work together as a team and praise each other and be supportive and just tell each other you know, 'We're doing okay. We're doing, we're doing really well here'. Because at the end of the day, we may have a similar story or we may have similar clients, but our clients go to ourselves individually, because they like the person. You know, they like the business, they like the presentation, so they will always choose one over another anyway. So, it's irrelevant and it's almost like ridiculous fear that people will pinch business from other people when actually you could create even bigger businesses together.

Julia Schneider  50:35

Yeah, exactly. I love how you put it. That it's exactly, it's that people are concerned that, you know, either their ideas are gonna be taken or another concern I heard is that the idea will be diluted, you know. Like, you know, but the way I'm presenting collaboration and this mastermind it's the risk of that is not there, like it's not gonna happen. I'm actually, it's kind of funny because I'm collaborating with a person on creating a platform for collaboration, and, and so it's gonna be a little bit separate thing that I'm also going to include in the mastermind. And that's exactly what we've been talking about. Like she, you know, we're sort of working, I mean, not sort of, we are working towards the same goal, but she's bringing her business in and I'm bringing my business in and obviously all the skills and capacities that goes with that, and we're creating something new together. So, nothing gets diluted, it just gets amplified and empowered. You know.

Gillian Duncan  51:41

Exactly. That sounds wonderful. For those who don't run businesses, I know you also run coaching sessions. Would you be able to tell us a little more about these sessions, who they're for and what they involve?

Julia Schneider  51:54

Yeah, yeah. So, I do, a lot of the sessions that I do actually take place locally in the, in the forest. I walk, it's called 'Intuitive Forest Walk', and it's a two-hour experience. And basically, we'll go into the forest allow the energy of the forest to, you know, harmonise us and then we, well it depends on what the person wants. Typically, what people come to me for is help with anxiety, to shift some anxiety, and also help with getting their projects off the ground. So, and actually, oftentimes what happens when, you know, especially the people who come to me for anxiety, is the first session we talked about anxiety and you know how to transform all of that, and then maybe by the end of the session, they realise that, 'Wait a minute. What I actually want is better relationships’. Because, um, well, it's a long story. I'm not going to go into it, but there's there's actually a very direct link between anxiety and relationship challenges. It's kind of funny how, you know, at first, they think they need one thing and then it just becomes very clear to them that that anxiety part will evaporate once the relationships get better. So, you know, we are working on that stuff, but I also do coaching sessions on the phone. And, you know, what you could come to me for is, if you are unclear about, maybe you're not clear about your career direction, or you're not clear about, you know, how to have a lifestyle, the kind of lifestyle that is actually going to support you and being at your best, you know, I could help you get clarity with that. If you have relationship challenges, I can help with that. People who are, you know, like had some sort of like a health issue and their live's kind of turned upside down, and they need help putting it back together. That's, I would love, yeah, that's the kind of support I love to provide, because, you know, I have a lot of experience with that. So, and just think in terms of, basically what I focus on is helping people to bring their life into alignment. So, creating a lifestyle for themselves that will truly support them in being happy and healthy and fully energised. So, you know, anything in your life that you find that it's kind of out of alignment, you know, something like doesn't feel right. You come to me and I will help you get clarity in terms of you know, how to move forward and actually create the kind of life that you want.

Gillian Duncan  54:36

That sounds like a fantastic service, Julia. I must say that you must bring a lot of your own personal experience into that coaching as well, because it sounds like you've been on an amazing journey in life. And it really does sound that you've managed to just find that reason to be, that complete destiny that we've been talking about, you've managed to find that for yourself, and you can hear that when you talk. You can hear that in your voice, and I hope that the listeners that have been tuning in can actually hear that too. I hope it resonates with them as well.

Julia Schneider  55:10

Yeah, thank you. Thank you for saying that. Yeah, I really love my life now. Like, it's been a journey, and I, yeah, I feel so good. You know? Yeah, it feels really good.

Gillian Duncan  55:22

It just sounds wonderful. So, well congratulations for that, Julia. Definitely, congratulations to you for, for finding that path.

Julia Schneider  55:29

Thank you so much.

Gillian Duncan  55:31

Well, thank you so much, Julia. I will make sure that I post all the links on the post for this podcast at clarityjunction.com. I will post all the links to your Facebook page so that everyone can reach out and get in touch with you there, should they want to know more, and obviously, I'll post the links to your website.

Julia Schneider  55:50

Wonderful. Thank you so much. This was awesome. I really enjoyed our chat.

Gillian Duncan  55:54

Oh, thank you, Julia. Thanks so much for being a great guest on the Clarity Junction podcast. It's been a true delight to talk to you today and to discover why it's so important to find alignment and harmony in life, and to learn more by living our radiant destiny.

Julia Schneider  56:11

Thank you so much.

Gillian Duncan  56:14

That's all for this episode. I would like to thank Julia for taking the time to share her own inspiring story and unique knowledge with us today. I've really enjoyed chatting with Julia, and I hope that you've enjoyed listening to Julia's message about how we can activate the power to live our radiant destiny. To discover more about Julia, join her membership programme and keep in touch with her on Facebook, then visit clarityjunction.com/radiantdestiny, where you will find all the links to her website and Facebook page.

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