Movement for Healing Laura Valenti

Using Movement for Healing

In this episode, therapist and coach, Laura Valenti discusses the importance of movement for healing and how she has used this practice to help her on her own journey through grief and serious illness. 

Listen in to discover Laura's story, the principals behind Movement Medicine and how you can start incorporating this practice into your own daily life.

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Meet Laura

Laura began her career in law, supporting women who were victims of trafficking into prostitution or domestic violence. 

Over 2 decades, she trained formally and informally in many different modalities including shamanic practices, Andean Cosmology, Physical Theatre, Clowning, Laughter Yoga and Polarity Therapy.

Laura Valenti Movement for Healing

Through her travels, Laura has had the opportunity to share her work with many individuals from all over the world, including vulnerable adults, people in drug and alcohol rehabilitation and indigenous communities.

Laura is a certified Movement Medicine dance teacher and facilitator and is also a qualified sound and voice therapist and certified coach.

Laura is Italian and currently lives in Spain with her partner.

How to Contact Laura

For more details please visit:

Website: https://www.elementalsoulmedicine.com/

Free ebook '3 Powerful Ways for Silencing the Inner Critic: http://www.elementalsoulmedicine.com/freebie/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elementalsoulmedicine/

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