How to Manifest Your Dreams

How to Manifest Your Dreams

Listen to the interview with Louise Howard to discover the process of manifesting and how you can manifest your dreams and goals, bringing them to reality.


Meet Louise

Louise is a Spiritual Success Coach who helps spiritual entrepreneurs create success and abundance in their business. 

Louise Howard How Manifesting Can Help You Achieve Your Dreams and Goals

By coaching her clients to release self-doubt, procrastination, visibility fears and self-sabotage, Louise helps her clients take their life and business to the next level.

Louise is a strong believer in the process of manifesting and she, herself, has achieved many things, over the years, by following this practice.

In this interview, Louise shares her own experience with us and discusses how to manifest your own dreams, bringing them to life.

How to Contact Louise

For more details of the course, downloads and Facebook group mentioned in the interview, please visit:

Course - Abundance Activated: http://www.louisehowardcoaching.com/

Website & Free Workbook Sign-Up: http://www.louisehowardcoaching.com/

Facebook Group #LimitlessLifeTribe: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LimitlessLifeTribe/

Louise also runs an Apothecary Shop on Etsy which can be found here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LouisaBrownHolistic


Gillian Duncan 0:00
Hello and welcome to this podcast from Clarity Junction. Today, I am thrilled to be joined by Louise Howard. Louise is a Spiritual Success Coach who works with entrepreneurs to help them create success and abundance in their business. Today, Louise will be discussing the process of manifesting and how it can help you achieve your dreams and goals. So keep listening to find out how you can use this process to accomplish whatever you wish in life. My name is Gillian Duncan, Positive Life and Wellbeing Coach, inspiring women to lead the life they want and I am delighted that you're here with me today.

Gillian Duncan 0:44
Thank you so much for joining us today. Thank you for coming along and talking to us about the process of manifesting and how it can help you to achieve your dreams and goals. I'm really, really excited to hear what you have to say today. So, thanks for taking the time to come and speak to us.

Louise Howard 0:59
Hi Gillian. Thanks so much for having me. I'm excited to be here.

Gillian Duncan 1:02
Now, before we get started, you must explain to everybody and myself, what is manifesting?

Louise Howard 1:09
Manifesting is the process whereby we attract what we desire. So it sounds a little bit woo-woo, and it is... Many of you might have read the book called 'The Secret'. So, 'The Secret' is one of the kind of main manifesting books. It talks about, if you think about what you want to attract into your life, then you will attract it. I'd like to go a little bit further into that, but it's basically about attracting all that you desire.

Gillian Duncan 1:42
Lovely. So, is there a link between having a positive mindset and manifesting, for example, because I think everybody talks these days about having this positive mindset, opening your mind...is the link between the two?

Louise Howard 1:57
Yeah, definitely. But in the, the theory is that we are all magnets attracting to us, our thoughts and our beliefs. So if we are...so, it's often the case, you know, in my, in my experience, if things aren't going very well and I'm in a negative place, then more of those things start to happen and you kind of get into, can get into a bit of a downward spiral where, and the opposite is the same. So, if you are feeling good, that's a real big important factor in manifesting is how you feel. So, if you're thinking positive thoughts, then you're more than likely feeling really positive. And then you're going to start to attract to you more of the same thing. So, we are magnets. That's the best way that I can describe it. So, whatever you believe to be true for you, is what you're attracting into your process. So, in answer to your question, yeah. It's really, really, really important that we have and I know we can't have, always have a positive mindset but we can learn how to shift our, into the next kind of happier place. We're not always going to walk around feeling ecstatically joyful, but we can always aim towards taking that next step towards feeling a little bit better. And yeah, absolutely. If you're feeling positive, and expecting positive things to happen, and believing that positive things can happen to you, then you really are on track to manifest some quite exciting things if you're in that place more than often. But yeah, for sure, definitely.

Gillian Duncan 3:38
So, this manifesting can really help people to achieve anything in life? So, Louise, if there's something in your life that you would really like, something that you've always aspired to achieve or something you'd like to have in your life, something tangible, something physical item, perhaps,

Louise Howard 3:56

Gillian Duncan 3:57
can manifesting help you to achieve these things?

Louise Howard 4:01
Absolutely. Yeah, definitely. So, for example, firstly, you've got to get really clear on what you want. So, a lot of people, we know what we don't want, but we often struggle to know what we do want. So, if you're going to want, to begin to manifest something into your life, you really need to know exactly what it is you want. So, you can't say, 'more money'. You need to say, 'I like, I'd like to earn an extra thousand pounds a month'. Or, 'I'd like a new car'. Lovely, but what kind of new car? What colour is it? What make is it? What wheels does it have? What, you know, all of those details. So, you really need to know to begin with, exactly what it is that you want. And don't change your mind. Because this is something I do all the time. And I you know, I want this and I want that. You have to, yeah, stay focused on that particular thing. Because, if you imagine the universe is, the universe is basically giving you whatever you want before you've even asked. So, if you start saying, 'I want this car, it's going to be silver', and then the universe starts to gravitate that towards you, but then you change your mind and go, 'I want to red one', and then the universe has got to kinda start all over again. So, be specific. Don't change your mind. And the big thing that I'm really kind of passionate about is, you have to really believe that what you desire is possible for you. And this is where, in my experience, and I started manifesting six or seven years ago, but I didn't, it wasn't really working for me because I didn't believe I was worthy of receiving whatever it is that I wanted. And our ego gets in the way quite often. So we have to be in a place of believing, and then we also have to be in a place of receiving. So, letting go of the attachments of things, you know, 'I've got to have this by next week', the universe doesn't kind of work like that. The more that you can think of something and just kind of let that go, 'Okay, I want to manifest that', and I suggest that people start with something small to begin with. 'Okay, I want to manifest this', whatever it is, and then the more that we can go, 'Yep, great', stay in a positive feeling place and let that go, the easier it is for the universe to bring it to us. We get in our way in so many different ways.

Gillian Duncan 6:26
Yes, definitely.

Louise Howard 6:27
So, the art, there's an art in receiving, for sure. So, yeah, you know, all of these things are possible for people. Absolutely. But we have a lot of mindset stuff that gets in the way quite often where we, we get in our own way, we stop it from coming to us. So...

Gillian Duncan 6:44
Almost like a blockage. You create a blockage yourself?

Louise Howard 6:47
Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. You know, I am a big believer in, we can achieve, as in You or I, can achieve anything that we want to, absolutely anything is possible. The only person that is really getting in our ways is us. You know, that, that common phrase, 'success is an inside job', well I am a huge believer of that. So, yeah, we do get in our own way, very often.

Gillian Duncan 7:13
You sound that you speak from experience here, and you have such a passion for this subject, so I am guessing that this is something that has helped you an awful lot in your own life. Do you have any examples that you could share with us? How manifesting has helped you?

Louise Howard 7:34
So many over the years. I mean, the, the ego wants us to look for these massive, great things. Yeah, 'I've manifested a million pounds', but actually, some of the things that I've manifested I'm just kind of blown away by. I always remember the, probably the main one when I first quit my job, and I set up my own holistic therapy business, I wanted 20 clients a week. That was what I wanted. 20 massage and reflexology clients a week. And I just became, not obsessed with it, but that was all I could really think about was these 20 clients, 20 clients. And I made this little, I had an online booking system, and I made this, I made it full with clients, as in imaginary clients at the time because we didn't really have any, and then, not that long after that, I got 20 clients and I remember putting, taking a little screenshot of the actual my booking system which did have 20 clients a week on there, and it's still on my laptop now to remind me, on the days that don't go so well, but it's possible. Oh, crazy things like upgrade, free upgrades on a new car I got because they, they ordered me the wrong colour but they have to give me this new car that was fancier than the one I'd ordered. Loads of, loads of crazy things down to, you know, yesterday I was sat thinking, 'Oh, I kind of work on my own and I'd really love to go to a Christmas party. I wonder if I could get the business women together in my local area, we can have a bit of a Christmas party', and then this morning, a group that I'm part of posted a link to, 'Would you like to come to our Christmas party up in Manchester?'.

So little things, you know it can be, little things that can be big things like cars, it can be money. I think money is the most difficult thing to manifest because we have so much clutter and beliefs or, you know, family kind of beliefs and social beliefs around where money comes from and all of that kind of thing. But, yeah, so many. I think the car is probably one of the biggest things. Clients and money you know, achieving a financial milestone in my business that, that happened this year. So, yeah.

Gillian Duncan 9:48
This is awesome. Isn't it? Just imagine things and believing in yourself. Keep your mind open and believing that it will happen, and it does.

Louise Howard 9:57
Yeah, and you have to put the work in. I think that's most important thing. You do have to, you know, get really clear on what you want. I do spend time visualising what I want, I do have vision boards, I do meditate, and I imagine, so it's not like you can just think of it and then off you bob and never think of it again, there's a bit of work involved in it, in keeping your vibration high and keep planting that thought in your head every now and again. So yeah, there's a bit of work to it but it's so much fun, once you kind of get into flow. It's just brilliant.

Gillian Duncan 10:32
So, you were beginning to mention there, Louise, methods that you use in order to manifest these wonderful things into your life. Now, for anybody, like myself just starting out and thinking, 'This is a new subject, what exactly do I do to begin manifesting?'. How do you start this process?

Louise Howard 10:53
So, going back to what I said before, know, know what you want. So, say, you know, you might be in business and you might want to grow your Facebook group or, you know, whatever it is that you want, decide on that most importantly. A little thing that I do in the morning, I have a morning routine, which kind of sets me up for the day, and part of that, I write in my dream day journal. So, I have a little journal, and say, for example, you're trying to grow your Facebook group, or you're trying and get more clients into your business, or whatever it may be, I write in my little journal, 'I'm so happy and excited, now that I have 20,000 people in my facebook group', or whatever, something that feels comfortable, that's not maybe not 20,000, but, 'I'm so happy and grateful that I have these people in my group and they're all amazing'. So you're basically, the more that you can get, put yourself into the position of already having what you want, the better it will be for you. So, while I'm writing that and imagining it, I'm am feeling what that will feel like when that happens. So, that's, the feeling part of it is really, really important and the little journaling part is a really great way of just helping you to get into that feeling. Get really clear on what you want as well, that's a real good exercise for that. And just feel what it feels like to have all those clients. Feel what it feels like to have those sales, or whatever it is that you want, get into that feeling. Affirmations are really good. So, these are little sayings that you use throughout the day. 'I am wealthy'. Always we always start with an, 'I am', or an 'I have', and they're great as long as they feel good. If they don't feel too good, if you're walking around going, 'I'm ridiculously wealthy', and you've got money in the bank, then that might not work, so feel some, choose some thing. So, 'I'm easily attracting some clients into my facebook group', 'I am easily attracting clients into my business', 'I'm working with wonderful people that I love to work with' etc, etc. So, the affirmations are really good. Keep going back to, to keep planting that little seed. Yeah, going back to what you said earlier about staying in that really positive place, you know, if you're feeling good, the universe is going to bring you more of what makes you feel good. And, just staying easy with it. You know, forcing and pushing things is really the opposite of receiving. So, to be in a receiving state, it's about ease and it's about flow, and it's about allowing whatever is going to happen to happen because the universe can give you everything that you want, but it might not necessarily do it in the way that you expect. So, it's about being open to possibilities. So...

Gillian Duncan 13:44
Yeah, and you mentioned creating a vision board earlier. I do enjoy doing that. I didn't think about it as being manifesting. I just thought it'd be quite nice to put some things together that I like looking at; things I really like to have in the future. But, yes, I guess that's what I've been doing all along. So, to visualise items and holidays, and just situations I'd like to see myself in, in the next, next wee while, next few years. I have put together a vision board. I've also got a vision book, which I've done the same and I doodle in it, and I stick pictures in it. And, anything that I see that I quite like, it gets cut out and it gets stuck in or, as I say, I just get some nice colourful pens, and I draw things in it.

Louise Howard 14:33
Yeah. But yeah, that's brilliant. Because what you're doing is you're getting, you're getting excited about these things, and you're looking at them and looking at all these beautiful things and thinking, 'These are really lovely things I'd like to have', and therefore you're asking the universe. So...

Gillian Duncan 14:48
Yeah, it's opening your mind to isn't it?

Louise Howard 14:50

Gillian Duncan 14:50
You're opening up that possibility that you can actually have this yourself. It's not just for other people. It's for you too.

Louise Howard 14:58
Yeah, exactly. And I think, when you look at that, what I do with my vision board, I look at it, and I get into that place of excitement, that it's, it's on its way. And I think that's a really great exercise when you can look at your vision board - I'm looking at my here in my office and going, 'Oh, yeah, I can live in that beautiful house with wood beams everywhere. And I'm excited for that'. So yeah, use it as a prompt for you to go, 'Oh, I can't wait for all these things to arrive'.

Gillian Duncan 15:26
Then you get into the cycle, don't you? Because you're looking at it, you're feeling excited. And that excitement and that positive feeling brings your mood, right the way round to being positive. And as you mentioned earlier, that means that you have that positive mindset, and you're opening up for positive energy to come back to you.

Louise Howard 15:47
Yeah, absolutely. It's great. I'm a big believer in vision boards and all of these little prompts, you know, you, you might want to put your affirmations on your computer or your screensaver. I've got one on my phone at the moment. And you know, and they're all just little prompts to help you to get into that, into that, that place. So yeah, vision boards are great. I love vision boards.

Gillian Duncan 16:05
Now, Louise, I know that you have got a course that you're running at the moment, and it's called, 'Abundance Activated'. Would you be able to tell everybody a little bit more about this course?

Louise Howard 16:16
Yeah, sure. It's a course really, I think money as I said before, can be quite a tricky one, because we are programmed with these beliefs. You know, you work hard for your money and money doesn't grow on trees and all of these crazy things that we are, that we believe to be true, and then therefore, they become our truth, if that makes sense.

Gillian Duncan 16:39
I think we hear it so many times when we're, especially when we're growing up don't we. It does kind of enter in, doesn't it?

Louise Howard 16:45
Yeah, absolutely. So, that I think money manifesting is one of the trickiest things because of that. So, this course that I put together, I mean, it's, there's so much included in it. It's because I really wanted to help people to shift, that, you know, we have this lack mindset, there's not enough, not enough clients, not enough money. Not enough people in my Facebook group, not enough people watching me, listening to me, whatever it may be. And we can begin to change that around. So, the more that we feel wealthy inside, the more that we are wealth, the more that we are success, the more we begin to attract to that. So, it's a call, it's a four week training course amongst so much more included in it as well. For each week, we will be looking at your money story. So, we get very attached to the story with money and we're creatures of habit, so it's quite difficult to break it on your own. So, I'll be taking people through a whole process of looking at your money story and how we can begin to rewire. So, if you imagine, we're all wired with these beliefs. Things that we believe to be true for us. And, when we begin to shift those beliefs then our outside world begins to shift with us. So, we are, our outside world is a reflection, really of our thoughts and our beliefs. So, it's a process of really helping you to uncover that story and to rewire, so that you have less of a lack mindset and more of a wealth mindset and then you will begin to create wealth. So, it's all about really releasing blocks to money and rewiring the wealth mindset so you can attract more abundance into your life. And it includes some downloads and meditations that you can use throughout the process. And, you know, for the rest of whenever, and there's all sorts of stuff in there. How to manifest your ideal clients worksheet, money affirmations as well. Planners and money trackers that you can use to begin to change your money habits. And then there's a bonus training as well. So how to let go of self doubt and limiting beliefs about yourself that could be holding you back.

Gillian Duncan 19:00
Yeah, that's a huge topic in itself, isn't it?

Louise Howard 19:00
Yeah, massive. Yeah. And I just know from my personal experience of, you know, when I began to figure that I was worthy to receive, then things changed massively for me, so, yeah, it's, it's a, it's gonna be great.

Gillian Duncan 19:19
So this is over in your website?

Louise Howard 19:22
Yeah, you can find on my website. Yeah. There's a link to the page there with all of the information on exactly what it's going to go, go on in the training courses. So yeah, all on the website.

Gillian Duncan 19:34
And it's open to men and women?

Louise Howard 19:36
Yes, men and women.

Gillian Duncan 19:38
And I do also know that you have got a free workbook on your website.

Louise Howard 19:43

Gillian Duncan 19:43
And other things like meditations?

Louise Howard 19:46
Yeah, if you sign up to the newsletter, I send you the 'How to manifest your ideal clients workbook', and then you get a 'Miraculous Manifesting' audio download meditation as well. So, yeah.

Gillian Duncan 20:00
Brilliant. Excellent. And I also know that you have got a Facebook group.

Louise Howard 20:06

Gillian Duncan 20:06
Would you like to tell everybody about your Facebook group too?

Louise Howard 20:08
Yeah, the Facebook group is great. I love our little community that's growing in there. I post tonnes and tonnes of mindset tips. Yesterday, I was talking about how to deal with the inner critical voice. So, lots of things to do with mindset and manifesting. Money mindset as well. And yeah, every day I do something in there, which will give you some sort of value to help you to shift forward. I'm all about people growing, creating whatever it is that they want in their life. So yeah, it's a great little community. It's called the Limitless Life Tribe - Spiritual Entrepreneurs Creating Financial Freedom. So if you just type in #limitlesslifetribe, you'll find it.

Gillian Duncan 20:53
Now, what I will do is, I will mention all of these links on the post that you can find this podcast on. So that you can find out a little bit more about Louise and what she does. Get access to the course. Get access to the newsletter, so you can sign up for your workbook and for the meditation, and also a link that will show you where to find the Limitless Life Tribe Facebook group.

Louise Howard 21:18
Fabulous. Thank you so much.

Gillian Duncan 21:20
Thank you so much for joining me today, Louise, has been really, really interesting. It's one of these topics. I'd love to delve a little bit more into - a little bit deeper into. And I will need to pop along to your website and have a wee look to sign up and also, your Facebook group - would love to have a real look and say 'Hello' there as well.

Louise Howard 21:39
Yeah. Please do, you're more than welcome to join. It's be great to have you, and thank you so much for having me on this podcast. It's been amazing.

Gillian Duncan 21:47
Thank you, Louise. It's been a pleasure speaking to you today and I hope to catch up again soon.

Gillian Duncan 21:52
That's all for this episode. My thanks go to Louise Howard for sharing her knowledge and experience of the powerful process of manifesting. To find out how to connect with Louise and grab links to her course workbook and Facebook group. Visit www.clarityjunction.com/manifestyourdreams.

Thanks for listening and remember to head over to clarityjunction.com and sign up to our free membership. Bye for now and keep being awesome.

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