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How to Live Your Best Life

Listen to the interview with Holistic Health Coach, Jennifer Gagnon, as she shares her own story, suggestions and advice, to help you discover how to live your best life.


Meet Jen

Jen is a certified Holistic Health Coach and Advanced Marconics Practitioner.

She helps her clients become crystal clear on their desires in life and assists them in removing toxicity and blocks from all areas of their lives. By doing this, they can finally start living a life of freedom - living their best life.

Jen Gagnon

Jen has discovered, through her own personal journey, that in order for you to live your best life, you must embrace the concept of aligning your mind, body and soul.

By combining her expertise in holistic health, mindset work and energy healing, Jen is able to assist and guide her clients through these stages of alignment and produce life-shifting results.

In this interview, Jen shares her knowledge. advice and suggestions so that you can start your own journey towards living your best life.

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Start Your Day for Success, Free Guide: https://jengagnon.rocks/

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Gillian Duncan 0:00
Hello and welcome to this podcast from Clarity Junction. Today, I'm excited to be joined by Jennifer Gagnon. Jen is a holistic health coach and advanced mechanics practitioner. By combining her expertise in holistic health, mindset work and energy healing, Jen helps clients become clear on their dreams. She helps them remove toxicity and energy blocks from all areas of their lives so they can start living a life of freedom. Today, Jen is joining me to discuss how we can live our best life. So keep listening to hear Jen's tips, suggestions, and her own personal journey towards living a more freer and fulfilled life. My name is Gillian Duncan, positive life and wellbeing coach, inspiring women to lead the life they want, and I am delighted that you're here with me today.

Gillian Duncan 0:54
Hi, Jen, thanks so much for being here today. I'm really looking forward to chatting to you.

Jen Gagnon 0:59
Hi, thanks for having me. I'm excited to be here.

Gillian Duncan 1:01
Now, I know that most of us struggle to live the best life we can each day. I know that we can all get caught up in day to day tasks and chores, and before we know it, our day is over and we feel as if we haven't achieved anything special. That we go to bed and pretty much we relive the same life and the same day all over again. It's almost like a cycle we get trapped into, and we don't ever seem to progress from that. Now, can you tell me, how do you live your best life every day?

Jen Gagnon 1:34
It took me quite some time to get here, and I think I finally found how to do it. Some days are obviously easier than others. As a mom of three. I know how busy it can get with all the responsibilities we have in the household, and so the first thing I started to do is really shift my perspective and shift my mindset and I had to get okay with not everything being perfect because for me, for so long, I strived to be the perfect mom, the perfect wife have, you know, the five course meal every night and just, I put a lot of pressure on myself. And so I had to become okay with things not being perfect. I had to be okay with taking some time for me. And that was really a big thing for me because it was all about the kids. It was all about the house. And so I started really taking care of myself and really leaning into the fact that the more I take care of me that I can take care of everybody else. And so I started to incorporate things in my day to day life that brought me true joy that I wasn't doing for anybody else but myself. And it took me a while to be able to do that without feeling any guilt behind it because it was like, well, I could really be doing the laundry right now or I could really be doing that instead, and so I stopped myself from feeling that way and just implemented the things that brought me joy. So, I started working out for myself and seeing how good that felt, and I started having private yoga sessions just a month ago that something that we added. I started doing things that I really enjoyed and finding ways to kind of release the things that no longer serve me. I was doing things on a day to day basis that weren't necessarily in alignment with who I was or what I desired in life.

Gillian Duncan 3:30

Jen Gagnon 3:30
And so, the way I look at it is every day that I wake up, and I do things that bring me joy, I'm living my best life. I look at my day a lot differently. There are things that I kind of dreaded doing before, I think, because of the way I was looking at it and perceiving it. And when I was able to sit down and really take a good hard look at those things, I was able to decide again, what I didn't have to do and the things that I do need to continue to do, I do because I found a way to enjoy them, if that makes sense.

Gillian Duncan 4:03
Oh, it definitely does. You mentioned guilt there, and I think, as a mom, I think that the minute I had my first child, I experienced real guilt for the first time and it was guilt over every single little thing. You know, oh my goodness, their bed was dirty. Oh my goodness. You know, they didn't have their bath on time. Oh my goodness, I didn't manage to get to the shops to pick up something. Oh my goodness, the house is a mess, there's toys everywhere. And the guilt just lies on you completely. And not only that, it's not just guilt about what you haven't done, it's the things that, perhaps, that you do do that aren't related to your family or by serving others. And the guilt of sitting down, the guilt of taking time out and going to bed early, watching a TV show. Doing something for yourself, as you say, so I can completely, completely relate to what you've just said there.

Jen Gagnon 5:03
Yeah. And even sometimes it still kind of catches up with me. And I'm like, no, there's no reason to feel guilty because I can do something for me and still be the best for everybody else.

Gillian Duncan 5:13
Exactly. And you have to be the best for everybody else, because you have to be there for them. And if you can't be your best, you can't be there for them 100%.

Jen Gagnon 5:21

Gillian Duncan 5:22
So, how did you manage to shift your mindset?

Jen Gagnon 5:25
It took a lot of work.

Gillian Duncan 5:26

Jen Gagnon 5:27
I had to be persistent because it's one of those things where you can say something repeatedly, but until you actually take action, until you do it over and over and over and over again until it actually becomes you know, innate.

Gillian Duncan 5:41

Jen Gagnon 5:41
So I started reading books, and I was reading all the Wayne Dyer books and a lot of you know, self help books, and I wasn't seeing any changes and I was wondering, 'Why am I even reading these?', until I actually took a step back and I was realising I was reading the words, I was taking in the information but I wasn't necessarily taking the steps to do anything with them, to make it concrete. And so, the first thing that I read from Wayne Dyer that completely changed my life, really, was when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. And so, for the longest time, I dreamt of kind of living a nomad life with my family, and then travelling a lot because we love to travel. But we, we own a business. and so it's really hard to, you know, go for a long period of time. And so, we've done it in the past, and I kept thinking that I needed to have, I had the specific idea of what life needed to be, and it was taken away from my everyday life, if that makes sense? And so I started looking at the tasks that I was doing, as tasks that were getting me closer to that life, as tasks that were allowing me to live my best life now. Because I felt like I was always grabbing at straws, to be able to live the, you know, 'I'll be living my best life when this happens', 'I'll be living my best life when I finally get there'. And I finally started looking at my life now and realising how good my life is. That I actually am living my best life now, every single day. Every day, I take a step closer to, you know, to where I'm going and really, really leaning into the truth that the magic happens in the journey not in the destination. Because I think we, we, we have this idea of the desires we have, the dreams we have, and it's almost like we can't be fully happy until we're there, I feel like. And so, when I started implementing all these things, you know, 'The Four Agreements', is another book that I read that really brought a lot of, it really hit home because there was a lot of things that I was doing without knowing I was doing it, and I couldn't recognise it because I didn't know it but after reading the book, it was kind of like 'Wow'. On a day to day basis, I make assumptions. I judge. I take things personal, you know, I'm not always quite gentle with my words, especially towards myself. And so when I started doing these little things and just doing them consistently, I, in the last eight years, my life has changed completely and things like I said earlier that I, I disliked doing and was trying to find ways not to do, I now do because I know the purpose of doing them and I know how they serve, you know, me living my best life.

Gillian Duncan 8:32
That's brilliant. So, it's going back to what you said, that the happiness arrives when you discover that the journey is more enjoyable sometimes, and I can see the reason behind that. If you even put it into complete context. Sometimes, booking a holiday, for example, is actually more enjoyable than actually getting there. Sometimes you can get on holiday and you can be in a place and think, 'I'm not really sure about this', you know, you've put all your hopes and your dreams and your money towards getting to this destination, but actually, you had more fun planning and more fun deciding where you were going to go, and the dream of it was actually better fun than actually being there. And, what we do in our daily life, I guess, is we always say 'Well, when we get there', as you said, 'When we get there, we will, we will be happy. When we do this, we will be happy'. Yet, sometimes, we're missing out the point that we are, we have so much just in our everyday, ongoing life.

Jen Gagnon 9:28
Yes, yes, gratitude is everything. That's another part of my mindset, is being grateful for everything that I have in the moment and the way I'm living my life in the moment, and kind of, I read this thing, I think I was on Facebook or, and it said, 'Be grateful for what you have now because others in the world are dreaming of that', and that kind of hit home and I was like, 'Wow'. Like, here I was complaining with all these great things and all I was doing was driving for more, and for different, when, really, what I have now is something that, myself, I dreamed for years ago. And so, coming to that realisation is really powerful as well, I feel.

Gillian Duncan 10:09
Yeah, I love this, the concept of gratitude, and I do practice this every day. For myself, it hit home few years ago when I was really ill, and it, for me, the small things, you know, that people take for granted in everyday life, was a challenge for me. And I was so grateful for the days that I could, quite literally, open my back door and sit out on my bench in the garden and have a coffee. For me, that was the biggest challenge of the day. And if I managed to do that, that was amazing. So I found that I was grateful for a lot of things that I took for granted previously, you know, like, the shade of the tree, the sound of the birds, the coolness of the air. All these things. And we seem to skip over it very quickly in our everyday life, but if we really do stop to think, we have got so much in our lives, even down to the, I don't know, the favourite shampoo that you use or, you know, and, and the 'Hello' in the morning from friends and family, you know things like that is, we take it for granted too often. But we can strive for this ideal life and we can imagine this wonderful day, but there is still stress involved and we can't rule that out ever, can we? So as a mom, and as somebody who runs their own business, and with a busy life, how do you manage to deal with your daily stress?

Jen Gagnon 11:30
And that was another big one for me. I'm very type 'A' and so always multitasking and I would let stress and anxiety take over and it, this is another one that took me quite some time to, kind of, master and I'm still working on it. But, I, I used to allow things to get to me and not notice it until I was kind of down in the valley really, you know, full of anxiety, and so meditation and breathing and just being conscious of my thoughts has been immensely helpful to me. The minute I feel stress coming on, I'm conscious enough to see it coming. If that makes sense?

Gillian Duncan 12:11

Jen Gagnon 12:11
So, I take a step back. And even if it's just a five minute, close my eyes and do some breathing techniques and exercises, and I can feel the difference in my energy, the moment I do that. And really setting the intention that the stress isn't going to make anything different. The stress isn't going to serve me in any way, shape, or form. And so I really sit and do some energetic cleansing, and that has proven to be the best thing that I could ever do. So many times, I would let, just events and things that weren't, they shouldn't have, caused me that much stress, and I was allowing them to. Knowing I was able to recognise that I was my own doing, because I was allowing it, and taking those tools and, you know, repeating them because I think, for me, actually being conscious of my thoughts was really hard. Because, you know, we have so many thoughts during the day and it's kind of like, we get in this autopilot mode where we just do, do, do. And so, when I became conscious of my thoughts, it was sometimes, it was, you know, just once a day I would catch myself and then the other times I would go down the rabbit hole. But I've gotten really good at recognising the signs and really, really talking myself out of the anxiety attack or talking myself out of allowing the stress to take over and really just knowing that everything's happening exactly as it should. And you know, time was a big one for me, you know, 'I don't have enough time'. I do have enough time. You know, when when I sit down and I decide what I'm doing. Even if I have a to do list a mile long, I get done what I need to get done, and it all works out. And so stressing over it doesn't allow me to do more. It doesn't allow it to go smoother. It just, you know, wreaks havoc. And so, I've kind of made a choice to not allow stress and anxiety to take over my life, and so far, it's been going pretty well. I still have those days where, you know, I catch myself mid stream of like, this breakdown, and I'm like, 'Okay, wait a minute, take a step back'. Take the deep breath, allow it to flow and just, you know, kind of get yourself out of that mindset.

Gillian Duncan 14:29
Yeah, certainly comes on very quickly doesn't it when...

Jen Gagnon 14:32

Gillian Duncan 14:32
It's all the little things, I find, that add up. So it's maybe not just one event, it could have been, this happening, that happen, and then all of a sudden, it takes one tiny little thing like you've run out of pasta and you forgot to buy it at the shops. And you think, well, I could just nip out and get some, or I can make something else, it's not a problem. But that is your meltdown moment, and that's, that is when the stress seems to hit you. And that is, exactly, you just have to stop, take a step back and breathe. And I loved when you mentioned there, about your to do lists. Now, I am one who makes lots of to do lists. And I remember having a conversation with someone years ago. And they were saying, 'I've got this to do list and you know, it's, it's never ending. I never seem to get these tasks done'. And I said, 'Well, you're obviously doing something during your day. What is it that you're doing?'. 'Well, today I did this, and I did that. And I did the next thing.' I said, 'Did you add them to your to do list?' And they went, 'No'. And I said, 'Well, you've ticked off more than you've on your to do list, than you actually put down on your to do list. So, you've actually achieved more than you thought you have!'. And that's again, just looking at things from a different angle, isn't it? Having a different mindset towards your chores and your tasks. We do so much more than we, we actually realise.

Jen Gagnon 15:47
Oh, definitely, definitely. It's kind of like the day starts and we do all these things and you have the to do list, and I have about five to do lists, you know, in any given time. And I think we forget that every time we go by the to do list, we're always adding. So it's kind of, it's never gonna end. You know, we say it's never ending, but it's because we're never going to stop having things to do, you know.

Gillian Duncan 16:08
But then that's a good thing.

Jen Gagnon 16:09

Gillian Duncan 16:09
Yeah, we'd be so bored if we didn't have anything to do. What would life be like if we didn't have anything to do? Now...

Jen Gagnon 16:16
Yes, it'd be quite boring!

Gillian Duncan 16:17
Yeah! Now, I know that recently, I've changed the way I start my day in the morning and it brings me a lot more clarity for everything. I now get up and I do 30 minutes of exercise before I have my breakfast or before I get ready. And I find that, by the time I've done this exercise, and I've stretched and I got the body moving, it makes me a lot clearer during the day, to help me to focus with things. I wondered, how do you start your day?

Jen Gagnon 16:50
Very similarly. Before I even get out of bed, I have a mini meditation, gratitude practice. Kinda just grateful for life itself. You know, every morning I wake up, I always feel as though it's a new opportunity to be better than yesterday. It's a new opportunity to do the things that I want to do. To be more present. And so I have this kind of 10-15 minutes before I get out of bed where I kind of run through my mind and do my meditation and energy clearing and protections. And then after that, when I get up, I'll have a coffee and then my workout has to happen. My workout is kind of like my daily therapy, I say, because I feel it, you know, like it's one time during the day, besides meditation where I kind of get out of my head and just get into my body. And it really helps reduce the stress as well. I think for myself, to get that, like you said, get your body moving, get the blood flowing. And then after I've done my workout, typically I'll do a little bit of journaling. And then I have breakfast, and then once the kids are all set up, because we homeschool, so once the kids are set up for the day, I'll go and I'll typically do a 25 to 30 minute meditation. And then I feel like my day, I'm ready to start. I've kind of set the tone for the day. I'm in the right headspace. And so, and I can tell. I went to a little while where my workouts weren't as consistent. And the day doesn't start the same way. When I'm not consistent with my meditations, it, there's always a little something missing. So when I do all of that, I feel like my days are always the best.

Gillian Duncan 18:35
Yeah, that's a good way to start, isn't it?

Jen Gagnon 18:37

Gillian Duncan 18:38
It's always focus on your day before it happens. Get the body moving. And this, again, the theme of being grateful for everything, before you even start the day, is such a lovely way to, to greet that new day. It gives you some hope for the hours that lie ahead as well.

Jen Gagnon 18:54
Yes, most definitely.

Gillian Duncan 18:56
Now, are the things in your day, that you would definitely not do without? We've just spoken about your meditation, your gratitude and your exercise. Are these things non negotiable? You must do these every day?

Jen Gagnon 19:08
Yes. Yes, there's, if I can't do them, you know, sometimes life happens, you have the dentist appointment you run to. I'll find a time, during the day, to be able to do those things because I know how crucial they are for my well being. And it's not something that I'm willing to sacrifice anymore. There was a time where I would have said, 'Well, I just don't have time'. But now, it's, 'I need to make time for this because it is a priority for me'. And because I know the benefits that I reap from doing it, and I know how it not only affects me, but everybody around me because when I do those things, I'm in a better headspace for everybody else. And that's when, you know, the stress doesn't happen as much. The, you know, irritability isn't, you know, so high and so, so those are definitely things that are non negotiables that, however I get to do them, I do them. You know, I like to get them done in the morning because I feel like it sets the tone, but if I have to do it at three o'clock in the afternoon because that's the only time or while the girls are playing soccer, you know, if I have to meditate in the car, then that's what I do.

Gillian Duncan 20:17
Yes, it's making the most of the day that you have set ahead of you. Like you say, it's not easy for me, every day to have the same routine, I do try and stick to it, but, as you say, something can always come up and plans have to be changed. And that's just life. And so as long as you make time within that day to catch up with yourself, more than, more importantly, rather than catching up with everybody else, you need time to catch up for yourself.

Jen Gagnon 20:41

Gillian Duncan 20:42
Now Jen, I know that you are running a 30 day programme called, 'Detox Your Life'. I was wondering if you could share some information about this?

Jen Gagnon 20:50
So, I'm a firm believer in whole health. I have no doubt that when we're lacking in one area of our lives, we're lacking in all areas. My journey began with weight loss because I thought that if I lost the weight that I would, you know, magically be happy and content with who I was, and the more I worked out, you know, the better shape I was getting in, there was always something still missing. And so I had to do my work and steps, you know, I had to do the take care of my body, and then it was the mindset and then I did you know, I was still searching for something. So there was the spiritual side of me that I had kind of lost. And so I put together this programme, that, and I call it, 'Detox Your Life', because we hear about detoxing and cleansing, you know, body wise and food wise, but we, we often forget about the mindset and the soul. And so, I put this programme together where we kind of take 30 days and do a deep cleansing, kind of a spring cleaning of your life, and we do it in steps where, you know, we talk about food and nutrition and fitness, and releasing the things that no longer serve your highest good in all those areas. And I tried to do it because I am a firm believer that deprivation isn't the way to consistency. And so, rather than saying, 'Let's just remove these things', it's more about how do we replace them with something better?

Gillian Duncan 22:19

Jen Gagnon 22:20
And so we go through this deep cleansing process to make space for everything that is aligned for you. And I work with, with my clients to help them in the areas they most need it, but we do touch upon every area regardless. You know, sometimes we think we have it all down, and we're good in one area, but there's always ways to improve or to implement something new that's going to allow you to live your best life. And I do think that, in order to live your best life, you need to be willing to let go of the things that aren't serving your purpose, so to speak, and to be able to implement things that, you know, allow you to enjoy the journey while you're on it. And so, we do that together and there's group workshops and workbooks. And so we get to really dive deep into each area of our lives and kind of look at where we're at and where we desire to be, and how do we get there?

Gillian Duncan 23:17
And where can we find this programme?

Jen Gagnon 23:20
If you go to my website, www.jengagnon.rocks, you'll be able to find it there.

Gillian Duncan 23:25
You've got a link there as well. And I also know that you've got a guide on how to start your day for success. Now, we've just discussed that so, I was wondering if you could just elaborate on that guide as well, please.

Jen Gagnon 23:38
So, I put together a quick guide to share, that kind of goes through my morning routine and the things that allow me to set my day up for success. And so, I, it's a quick short guide just to kind of remind you and give you ideas of how you may start your day. I always tell my clients, I'm not here to show you my way. I'm here to share the tools that have allowed me to get to this space and help them utilise those tools to their favour. And so what my, you know, gratitude practice looks like may not be like anybody else's, but it's still my gratitude practice and it works for me. And so I always tell everybody, find what works for you and run with that. It doesn't have to look any specific way. It's really about taking these ideas or taking these things and making them work for your life and your daily routine, really. So it's just a quick guide again, and I have a short meditation on there that you know, you can kind of just brings you through breathing and it's very short and quick.

Gillian Duncan 24:39
Oh that's lovely. Yeah. That's very helpful, isn't it? I love meditating. And it's so nice to have it, when it's been guided. Sometimes you can sit there and we can, maybe not, our practice, maybe not be so successful, it can be, our mind can get to wander off maybe too far, or we can, you know, get distracted by other things around us. Whereas, if we're listening to this guided voice, that just makes the practice become a completely different experience and often more successful.

Jen Gagnon 25:04

Gillian Duncan 25:05
Aw, thank you so much for sharing those guides, the programmes and the meditation with me and what I'll do, I'll put those details on the website and on this post with the podcast and share those details out so that everybody can get information on how to contact you and how to sign up to these brilliant programmes. So, that's the 30 day programme called, 'Detox Your Life'. It sounds absolutely amazing. So, I wish you every success with that, Jen.

Jen Gagnon 25:31
Oh, thank you.

Gillian Duncan 25:32
Thank you so much for joining me today. It's been an absolute pleasure chatting away to you.

Jen Gagnon 25:36
Yes, definitely. Thank you for having me.

Gillian Duncan 25:38
That's all for this episode. My thanks to Jennifer Gagnon for sharing her knowledge, advice and own personal experience, when it comes to living your best life. To find out how to connect with Jen and for more details of her brilliant 30 day 'Detox Your Life' programme, go to www.clarityjunction.com/livingyourbestlife.

Gillian Duncan 26:02
Thanks for listening and remember to head over to www.clarityjunction.com and sign up to our free membership. Bye for now and keep being awesome.

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