Your Fempreneur Avatar Non-Starting Nancy

Nancy has dreams. Big dreams.

She loves diaries, planners, journals and every item of stationery. She creates beautifully detailed plans and goals.

Then Nancy finds all the reasons why these goals won't, can't and shouldn't happen. Eventually, when she has enough evidence to convince her that she is right to abandon these ideas, she forgets about them and starts believing that success is for other people, not her. 

She is so very clever and talented, but for some reason or another lacks the self-belief that she deserves to have.

It's time for Nancy to realise just how wonderful she is, and that she can become just as, or even more, successful than the other people she watches so closely. It's time for Nancy to take the next step - the action step. You never know where that might lead her.

You've got this, Nancy!

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