Your Fempreneur Avatar Juggling Jacqui

Jacqui has so many things on the go all at once. She tries to do a little work on everything to try and tick all the boxes for business success, but unfortunately, she never fully completes anything. This leaves Jacqui feeling very frustrated and leaving her running round in circles, trying to grasp at all the options without actually progressing forwards.

Jacqui often thinks she is in control, but deep down she knows that she is only a few steps away from burnout.

It is fantastic that Jacqui has so much fabulous knowledge, talents and skills, and that she wants to use it all, but perhaps it is time to reduce the burden.

  Jacqui needs to take some time out (yes! time out of her schedule!) to really sit down and figure out what matters most to her in her life. She needs to work out her health and personal goals too, as at the moment, she is neglecting them.

Perhaps it's time for Jacqui to ask for help, streamline her business more and even look at outsourcing some of those tasks, if she still finds them to be worthwhile.

You've got this Jacqui!

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