Your Fempreneur Avatar Exhausted Enid

Enid has tried so hard to balance it all for such a long time, but eventually reality has kicked in and Enid now realises that she is so exhausted with little to show for all her hard work, long hours and sacrifices she has made for her business.

Enid is feeling pretty rough and she has let her health suffer in the process of chasing her dreams.

Now Enid knows this and realises that her previous working patterns and behaviours weren't healthy or successful, she can start rebuilding her business to fit around her life, while she also focuses on improving her health and wellbeing.

From now on, Enid is going to be taking care of herself before others and making sure that whatever she does in life serves her the way she deserves it to.

Enid is on the path to building a bigger, brighter future with lots of healing and fun along the way.

You've got this, Enid!

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