Don’t Forget to Sweat

A 20-minute Exercise Workout You Can Do Anywhere

by Suzanne Dayton, Clarity Junction Guest Expert

Keeping up with your exercise routine is hardest when traveling, or in our current situation during a mandated stay-cation.

Now you are sitting on video conference calls all day, trying to homeschool the children, and balance taking care of the household chores. You are also probably eating (awesome) calorie-packed foods and are totally out of any normal routine.

A good workout that increases your energy and happiness levels is a must to keep you going. So how do you fit one in?

The thing is, we tend to make working out a 2-hour long commitment. Without access to a gym where our routine is already set or an instructor coaching us through the workout, we can feel lost.


Simple 20 min Exercise Workout

The Truth and Simple, 20-Minute Solution

The truth is you can work out your whole body in about 20 minutes, anywhere, with zero exercise equipment.

Here’s a super-simple at home workout developed by a certified functional fitness coach. My family uses this workout while travelling - and now at home too! You can take it anywhere (even outside) to get your sweat on a couple times a week.

Warm Up for Exercise Workout

Step 1: Warm Up (3 Rounds/5 Minutes)

Get your core temperature warmed up, blood flowing, and loosen up muscles by doing the following in rapid succession:

25 jumping jacks

15 body weight squats

10 burpees

10 lunges (each leg)

Exercise Workout Repetitions

Step 2: As Many Repetitions As Possible (AMRAP) in 12 Minutes

Now set a timer for 12 minutes. Go through these exercises as many times as you can in succession until the timer goes off, ideally without breaks. The most important thing is to keep proper form for each one, even if you can’t do all of them or if you need to take a break.

20 Body Weight Squats: Keep your chest up and try to squat at or below parallel. For some, it helps to keep your arms out in front of you for balance.

15 Burpees: Bend over, jump your feet back and out, then jump your feet  in and stand up. A good modification is to step out and back in and/or put your hands on a chair instead of the floor.

10 Push Ups: A good modification is to do this move on your knees or put your hands on a chair so your body is at an angle.

5 Sit Ups: Lay on your back with your hands over your head, then crunch up so your hands touch the floor in front of you.

Finish up with about 3 minutes of stretching and deep breathing to close out your 20 minute workout. Imagine the difference that doing this workout, even just three times a week, would make you feel.

To help make working out a habit (or just a bit more fun), track how many repetitions you do each workout. See if after a couple of weeks you can do more in the same 12 minutes!

Exercise Workout A New Healthy Habit

A New, Healthy Habit

What would it be like to come back from this time on your mandated stay-cation with a new, healthy habit?

Take on this challenge in your living room or at the park. Once it’s part of your routine, you’ll find all kinds of new (and sometimes hilarious) places to take 15 minutes to care for yourself - even after this pandemic is over.

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