Decluttering for Self-Care

Decluttering For Self-Care

Most of us see the act of decluttering as a process that we need to do to keep our living space tidy, clean and functional.

Is it more than that, however?

How important is decluttering for our health and wellbeing?

Is decluttering actually an act of self-care?

Join Gillian as she chats to Life Coach, Kelly Ramsdell about why we should consider decluttering as part of our self-care routine.

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Meet Kelly

Kelly Ramsdell is a Life Coach and Founder of 'Actually I Can, Inc.', a platform dedicated to helping women fulfil their life vision through self-care, creativity and adventure.

Kelly Ramsdell

Kelly considers decluttering to be an important self-care item, since it reduces stress and creates space for abundance.

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