Candles to Feed Those in Need

How I Use My Creativity to Feed Those in Need

Wouldn't it be amazing if we could use our creative talents to help feed others in need? Well, that's what Sarah Spitsen of Feya Candles does.

Sarah began her mission to help bring people out of poverty in 2014, when she, herself was living out of her car.

By designing, creating and selling candles, Sarah has grown her business to one that, to-date, has provided over 35,000 meals to those who need them most.

Sarah's story is truly inspirational, and this is just the start of what she has planned for her company and charitable foundation.

So tune in to discover Sarah's story, the plans she has for the future and the advice she shares to others who are motivated to help others through their own creativity.


Meet Sarah

Inspired by the love of family and a deep love of food, Sarah brought forward her interests in candles to create a company who's profits provide food for those in need.

 Sarah Spitsen Feya Candles

Sarah began Feya in 2014, and has developed a company that inspires hope and it's mission is to spread love throughout the globe.

Feya Candles

Sarah loves growing her company while rockin' the mompreneur lifestyle with 2 kids in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.

How to Contact Sarah

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