Podcast How to Boost Your Energy

How to Boost Your Energy

Listen to the interview with Suzy Wraines, of Wraines Wellness, to discover how you can boost your energy and keep energised throughout your day. 


Meet Suzy:

Suzy is a Health & Life Coach with Wraines Wellness

She specialises in habit change health coaching for women. Her clients include female professionals and business owners. 

Before becoming a Health & Life Coach, Suzy was a business owner, and found herself struggling with health issues, low energy, insomnia, excess weight and a lack of motivation. 

Suzy sought to find someone who could help her out of this situation. She found it difficult, however, to resource the right person who could relate to her own personal circumstances. 

This motivated Suzy to attend school and become a certified Health & Life Coach. Along with her background in medical health, she felt that she could then help other women who struggle in the same way. 

Suzy has never looked back. She loves her life as a Health & Life Coach and feels blessed to be able to help other female business owners with their own life and health issues. 

How to Contact Suzy

For more details of the programmes mentioned in the interview, please visit:

Website: https://wraineswellness.com

You can also contact Suzy via:

Facebook: https://facebook.com/wraineswellness

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wraineswellness


Gillian Duncan 0:00
Hello and welcome to this podcast from Clarity Junction. Today I'm delighted to be joined by Suzy Wraines from Wraines Wellness. Suzy is a Health and Life Coach who specialises in habit change health coaching for women. Her clients include female professionals and business owners.

Today, Suzy is here to discuss the very important topic of energy. So, keep listening to discover how you can gain energy and keep energised throughout your day.

My name is Gillian Duncan, Positive Life and Well being Coach, inspiring women to lead the life they want, and I am delighted that you're here with me today.

Hi, Suzy! Welcome and thank you for taking the time to chat with me today.

Suzy Wraines 0:49
Hi, Gillian! thank you so much for having me. I appreciate it.

Gillian Duncan 0:53
Oh, it's a pleasure. Now, today, you're going to discuss the topic of energy, and how we can keep our energy levels up during the day. This is a fantastic topic, which I'm sure everybody is really interested in knowing a lot more about. But before you do, I wondered perhaps, would you like to tell everyone - Is this something that has affected you personally, in the past?

Suzy Wraines 1:17
Yes, actually, I'm a Habit and Health Coach, and one of the things that comes up frequently with my clients is that they have low energy throughout the day. And I, myself, suffered with that, when I was just first starting out. Even before I started my health coaching business, I had another business and was noticing that I was really lethargic during the day, was having a hard time concentrating; it was difficult to focus, and I just, I couldn't figure out what was wrong. And so, one of the things that I started doing was kind of doing some research, and found that when, when I went into coaching and was studying more about the human body and the things that we do in our everyday lives, and what can actually cause us to have low energy, the food that we eat is a big, big, big one. What we're eating contributes to whether we have little spikes of energy or lasting energy. So, there's two different things there. And then how much water we're drinking. A lot of people don't realise that.

Gillian Duncan 2:31
I know I'm so guilty in not drinking enough water. Tea and coffee, yes, but water, I really have to force myself.

Suzy Wraines 2:40
Yeah. And I think what people don't realise is that when you get even mildly dehydrated, the first thing that you'll notice is you get tired. And I don't think people realise that those two are connected.

Gillian Duncan 2:56
No. And also they get confused with the hunger signal. I find if I don't drink enough fluids in the day, I am hungry, but I'm not hungry. I shouldn't be hungry - I'm actually thirsty and I'm getting the signals confused.

Suzy Wraines 3:11
Yes, definitely. And so with along with drinking enough water, what goes with that, is our stress level. If we're in a hurry, and we're rushing around, we don't realise that we're putting our body in a stress response. And a lot of people think of stress as being where they can't function, or it's like, really, really like, they're over the top. But really, even just being busy and rushing around, chemically, your body's in a stress response. And so, if you're not eating the right foods, you're not drinking enough water, you're stressed. You're busy. And you know this because you just wrote a book about it, but you don't sleep well.

Gillian Duncan 3:55
No, you don't sleep well. Bringing my book in, thank you!

No, you, no, you don't at all. It just has this terrible vicious cycle and it's very hard to come back out of. And yeah, it seems so simple, doesn't it? All we need to do it to eat better or to drink more fluids and stop the cycle from happening. And we say that it's easy, but it's not. We're all guilty of it.

Suzy Wraines 4:20
Yes. Yes, definitely. So really, those those four things are what I like to focus on with my clients and kind of zero in on which ones they struggle with.

Gillian Duncan 4:31
Brilliant. So, what do you tell your clients that are struggling with low energy during the day? What's the first advice that you give to them? Is it to go for the foods and the fluids?

Suzy Wraines 4:43
Yes, I usually start off with asking them to identify what foods they're eating that zap their energy. A lot of us know, for ourselves what it is that will cause us to have low energy, for example, I know that if in the morning, I have breakfast that has no protein in it, I know that I'm going to have a really rough morning. And so I have to consciously be aware, make sure I'm eating my protein in the morning. For the client, I will ask those questions and kind of figure out for them what what works for them.

Gillian Duncan 5:20
So many people miss out breakfast, don't they? It's just so important, isn't it? Breakfast, being that first meal of the day.

Suzy Wraines 5:26
Yeah. And for a lot of people, I do habit coaching more than I do nutrition or anything like that. So, yeah, a lot of these people are running on automatic pilot. So, they don't notice the signals their body's giving them. So, someone who doesn't eat breakfast may not notice as much of being lethargic, but then later on in the day, they're like, why am I so tired? They don't they don't make the connection, because it's a habit.

Gillian Duncan 5:57
Okay, so tell me what simple coaching tips do you give to your clients that would help them to boost their energy regarding their habits?

Suzy Wraines 6:06
One of the things that I like to do is really find out from them where they're struggling. So, for example, for me, I'll take water as the example. What I struggled with was keeping water with me. So, whatever was in front of me, I would drink. Didn't matter what it was. If it was a soda, if it was tea, or whatever, I would drink it. And so, I had to retrain myself to always have water with me. And so, what I did is, I purchased a special cup, and I recommend it to my clients. Get a water cup. Get a special cup that all you do is drink water out of it and make it something that you really like. So I like my water really cold. So I I bought an insulated cup, and it has a straw, because I like to drink out of a straw. So I made it pleasurable. Any habit that you're making - a habit will be created when you go towards something that's pleasurable.

Gillian Duncan 7:00
Absolutely. I love that idea. Just have something completely separate to encourage you to drink and something that's enjoyable to do.

Suzy Wraines 7:09
Yep. If you make it fun, then you'll want to do it.

Gillian Duncan 7:12
Yeah. Absolutely! Something so simple as well, but something that definitely will work.

Suzy Wraines 7:19
Mm hmm. Yep.

Gillian Duncan 7:20
So tell me, what is the most common thing that robs women of their energy?

Suzy Wraines 7:24
I would say a combination of all of these. The reason I say that is, like you said earlier, we get into what's called a habit loop. So, the food portion is balancing your blood sugar. And to get, to simplify that, if you eat something that's not balanced, where you have all the macronutrients you need in your meal, you will, you will get a spike in energy. Your body craves simple, really quick burning energy, which is usually your carbs and your sugars and things like that. So, you're craving it because your body wants something fast. So, you eat that. Well, if you don't add a protein and fat with it, to slow down the absorption to allow your body to use that energy slower throughout the day, then you're going to get a spike of energy, and then you're going to crash and then you're going to crave more. So, when people say, 'Oh, I just have these cravings for the you know, bread and sugar and carbs and things', or, 'I want to go grab a cup of coffee or caffeine or something to give me a boost', it's usually indication that they're not balanced in their blood sugar. So, getting them on board with that, and then the hydration piece, will keep them from making poor decisions. Because what happens is, if you're going up and down with your blood sugar, when you're crashing, you want anything you can have. And I know everybody's had that feeling where you're like, I need to eat something now.

I'm hungry, and I'm cranky. And

Gillian Duncan 8:58
yeah. You just grabbed the first thing. Yeah, absolutely.

Suzy Wraines 9:03
Yeah. What's easy, what's quick? And usually those things are not the good things

Gillian Duncan 9:07
are they! They are definitely for me, they are definitely chocolate and crisps, and as you say, breads. Yeah, definitely. Just the quick grab and go food, isn't it. And, as you say, they just throw you off cycle, don't they. They just really mess with your sugars.

Suzy Wraines 9:24
Yep. And then you're in that cycle of, I need it now. So you grab it, and you don't level out. And so, you stay in that loop. And what happens is, if you're stressed, then you're, you're just that much more sensitive to cravings and going after things. And then like, like you have discussed in your book that all plays into your sleep as well.

Gillian Duncan 9:46
Oh, it definitely does.

Suzy Wraines 9:48
Then, then you're not sleeping well, and you wake up and you do it all over again.

Gillian Duncan 9:51
That's right, your brain just interprets it completely different. It is its own centre, after all, we do feel a bit out of control, we get the signals, and we react to them. I mean, it's very hard to switch these signals off, It's very hard to, when we've got those fight or flight feelings, and when the frontal lobe is engaged, we've got that little kid in our head saying, 'Just eat it. Just eat it!'. It's so, so hard. But then this kills our energy, doesn't it?

So, please tell us, what can we do to keep energy going throughout that day.

Suzy Wraines 10:27
I will say this, I'll give you four key things. And it'll be one for each category. So, for the healthy eating, you don't have to change everything you're eating, it just needs to be balanced. So, if you're going to have a muffin in the morning, have some protein with it, have a slice of bacon, or have some almonds, nuts, or anything that has some protein in it, and some healthy fat. So, like, if you do, if you do almonds or some form of a nut, you're going to get the fat and the protein with it. And then that's balancing it. So, just don't go for the one thing, like just a carb. So, for example, if you're going to have porridge or oatmeal in the morning, add chia seeds to it. Chia seeds have protein. Or, if you have a little powdered protein, you can throw that in your, in your oatmeal porridge in the morning. And there you go. So, just adding that to what you're already doing. The next step is drink more water. If you're not drinking water, just start drinking water. It doesn't have to, you don't have to drink it all day long every single meal, but start drinking it. You'll notice a change right away. So, if you're balancing your food and your drinking water, the other thing I tell people is that when you're going to eat, slow down and take some time.

Gillian Duncan 11:47
Oh, that's just classic isn't it? Especially us women, we grab our food, we eat it so quickly before somebody takes it away, or we don't get the chance to sit and eat at all, do we? We're always pulled in 101 directions. And sometimes we just feel guilty for sitting and eating. And we really do need to take more time don't we?

Suzy Wraines 12:10
Yes, and even if it's just, it may feel like eternity for you to slow down. But even just making a small five minute change. Start small and give yourself an extra five minutes. I tell people, set a timer and make yourself eat as long as the timer's set for just to get yourself in the habit of it. And the next step once you've, because that's going to lower your stress level when you're eating, which helps with your digestion. Like you mentioned earlier, it turns off the fight or flight so that your digestive system can turn on. And then by doing all those things, you're balancing your blood sugar, you're feeling better throughout the day, everything's running smoothly, you can fall asleep at night and hopefully sleep the entire night.

Gillian Duncan 12:59
That is something blissful, isn't it, to have that full night. Yeah, and it's going back to what you said previously, it's making something enjoyable again, isn't it? We tend to rush our food. And eating should be a pleasurable aspect of our day. So, rather than having to, you know, grab a quick bite to eat at lunch, we should perhaps just as you say, take that moment, sit down, breathe, enjoy the taste of our foods, rather than just swallowing it and big bites. You know, we should just have that moment and make it, make food enjoyable again.

Suzy Wraines 13:37
Yes. And for the parents that are maybe listening, teaching our children to do that. I know, a lot of my clients have children and I have them make it an activity that's fun at dinner, because everybody's together and we're not in a big rush. So, at dinnertime, maybe tell your children, 'Okay, we're going to chew our food, see who can chew our food the longest', you know, at each bite and, and really teach them how to slow down and enjoy their food. Because our habits start and we're programmed when we're young.

Gillian Duncan 14:11
I love that. I love that. I must say I am a big believer of sitting down for dinner every night with my family. Obviously, there's some nights that you, you just can't do that. But, I have always enjoyed sitting down as a time for us to talk about our day. It's time, you know, to have a laugh and to just communicate and get to know each other even more. And to, we do that, you know, while we have our, have our food. I am guilty of rushing my food. I never used to. I used to always be the last to leave the dining table. But I am guilty at the moment, and I think that's what happens when you get older, and maybe when you have kids, everything is more of a rush. So, it's getting out of that habit. I will tell you, it's my two boys that will turn around to me and say, 'Mum, slow down!'. Because I've finished my food and they're still sitting. I'm going, 'Are you not finished that yet? It'll be getting cold'. And they tell me, 'No Mom. You are just eating too quickly, you need to slow down'. So, it's so lovely to hear my two teenage boys tell me that I need to change my habits. So I must tell them later, and thank them, that Suzy said, 'You're completely right. Your Mum definitely does need to slow down!'

Suzy Wraines 15:27
Yes. And I tell people with small children, because when they tell their children, 'It's good to slow down', then their kids do correct them. Children are so good. And even into their older teenagers and young adults. If they have that mindset of, 'Hey, we need to slow down and enjoy our food', or, 'Let's enjoy the time that we're together', then they're the younger for some reason, the younger people are more ready to speak up and correct people. I think as we get older, we're kind of a little more hesitant to correct people.

Gillian Duncan 16:06
Yeah, I like it. I love it when my boys give me into trouble. It makes me laugh in one sense, because, you know, you've, you've spent all these years saying to them, oh, 'You need to do this. Pick that off the floor. Tidy this, do that', and, and then all of a sudden they're turning and saying, 'We're going to be late, hurry up Mum!', 'Yeah. You look fine, it's okay!'

Suzy Wraines 16:27
Yeah, they're the ones that are telling you. Yes, definitely.

Gillian Duncan 16:31
There's definitely a switch in the parental mode sometimes. Okay, that's brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing those tips with me today, Suzy, it's just been brilliant. Now, for anyone wishing any more details on how to help their energy levels, I know that you have got a great workshop that you've been working on. And it's called, '14 Day Boost Your Energy Workshop'. Am I right?

Suzy Wraines 16:56

Gillian Duncan 16:57
Tell us more about it, Suzy.

Suzy Wraines 16:59
So, the workshop is going to be, it'll be 14 days long. And it's going to be small, it'll be a small group. And I'll have a couple of them going. So, people can sign up for the one that fits their schedule the best. And what it will consist of is, I'm going to do two webinars a week. So, for the two week period, I'll have one webinar on Mondays and one on Fridays. And that will be a live webinar that people can sit and ask me questions throughout. I also will have them recorded for people that are not able to sit on the live webinars. And then also, what they will be able to do during the workshop is have two, actual one on one coaching sessions with me. So, the things will cover, we're going to cover more details about those four areas that we talked about today for helping with energy. I'll go into more details. And then I'll do more with the one on ones. I'll get to kind of ask more questions to whoever signed up for the workshop. Get more personal with them, like what are you actually struggling with, they'll get an opportunity to talk to me one on one privately, and find out more stuff that's going to be custom to what it is they're struggling with.

Gillian Duncan 18:14
Brilliant. That sounds very enlightening, actually, for anybody who takes part in that. Really dive deep and, and find out more about themselves and how they can improve their energy. It's brilliant. Now, tell everybody where we can sign up to that.

Suzy Wraines 18:28
So, I'm doing pre-registration. And with that pre-registration, it's hold your seat in one of the sessions that I have that's going to start and that can be signed up on my website. It's WrainesWellness.com. And it's WRAINES wellness.com. And they'll be right on the homepage. There'll be a button for you to sign up. And it's the '14 Day Boost Your Energy Workshop'.

Gillian Duncan 19:02
That's brilliant. I will put a link to that in the comments and on my website. Thank you for sharing that. Now, for anyone who is also interested in what we're talking about, about learning to slow down, I know that you've also got another challenge that's online. Can you tell us more about this challenge? I know I've signed up for it. And I'm definitely going to do it because I've had a very -ah you laugh! - I've had a very busy week with my book launch. And I know, I know, you've been telling me, 'Gillian, you need to sit down more!'. So I have signed up. So tell everybody else. What is this challenge about?

Suzy Wraines 19:38
Yes, definitely. And how that came about was, I was talking to a client and her and I were talking about how our husbands can just, they can just sit down and turn the TV on and relax. And we have a harder time turning off all of the things that we're doing, because we may be doing multiple things at the same time. And both of us were like, I don't know how they do that. And, and so I was thinking about it. And there was a time when I had come home, completely exhausted. And I just wanted to sit down. And but I felt guilty about it. Do you ever?

Gillian Duncan 20:20
Oh, absolutely. Absolutely, you do. You feel that you must continue with your day. You feel that when you sit down, you must, I don't know, you just can't sit down actually without feeling guilty sometimes. But then you really, really need to at the same time.

Suzy Wraines 20:35
Yeah. So in order to kind of help with that. And this just happened, it popped into my head. Because I have a hard time. And I'm sure that there's other women out there, that we have a hard time giving ourselves permission to sit down and to relax. And so, my husband was making dinner, and I, my first instinct was to go into the kitchen and help him. I was struggling with that in my head because, I'm like, I really want to sit down. I'm so tired. But I should be in there helping him. And so, I just asked him, and I didn't need to, but I did it for myself. I said, 'Do you mind if I sit down?' And he was so excited. 'Yes, please sit down, oh my gosh, you need to sit down more. You don't take enough breaks'. He was like falling all over himself to help me relax. And so, I like to encourage women and tell them, you can take time for yourself, the people that love you want you to take time for yourself. And it's okay. So, one of the things that I did is, I created an online challenge that brings awareness to how much time you're taking for yourself. So, when you sign up for it, it's free, and you can get it on my website. When you sign up for it. It's every day you'll get an from me, that gives you a way to analyse and kind of reflect on what you're doing for yourself. To really think about yourself for that day. So, it's a really great way to just kind of check in with yourself and make sure that you're taking the time that you need to take to slow down and relax.

Gillian Duncan 22:20
Essential self care, isn't it? Really?

Suzy Wraines 22:22

Gillian Duncan 22:23
Absolutely. Yeah, I've signed up, I encourage everybody else to do it too. And, I promise, I will complete the challenge. It is a challenge from you, and I will complete it. Thank you so much. So, what I will do is I'll put all the details of your workshop and have your 3 day challenge onto my website post so that people can find you, Suzy, and sign up and find out more about what you do. And, really, I just want to say thank you so much for joining me today. We've had a wonderful conversation. I've loved every minute of it. I found out an awful lot about myself through this conversation. I'm going off to drink some more water, definitely! It's give me a lot of things to think about and I really do appreciate you being on the show today.

Suzy Wraines 23:07
Thank you so much Gillian. It's been wonderful.

Gillian Duncan 23:09
I look forward to catching up with you again soon. Thank you.

That's all for this episode. My thanks to Suzy Wraines for sharing so much with us today. To find out how to connect with Suzy and to grab the links to her fantastic workshop and challenge. Go to clarityjunction.com/blog/boostyourenergy. Thanks for listening and remember to head over to clarityjunction.com and sign up for our free membership. Bye for now and keep being awesome!

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