Inner Beauty Body Confidence Zeenat Noorani

Inner Beauty Body Confidence

Having a lack of body confidence is a common issue for women.

No matter our body shape and size, we never seem to be happy with it.

All too often we stand in front of the mirror, listening to our inner voices of discontentment and criticism for the way we look.

Why can we not appreciate the body that we are blessed with?

Why do so many of us desire to look different that we do naturally?

In this podcast episode, Resilience Wellbeing Coach, Zeenat Noorani shares her own personal journey to being more confident with her own body image and advice on how we can all start appreciating and loving our own body.


Meet Zeenat

Zeenat Noorani is a resilience wellbeing coach, NLP & kinetic shift, hypnosis, EFT, mindfulness practitioner, mentor, speaker and a published author who, in her own words, encourages people to “empower their mind to have the life they desire, by helping them find and forge their path”. 

Zeenat Noorani Body Confidence

Using a variety other techniques and therapies, Zeenat works with individuals and groups to help them bridge the gap between where they are and where they’d like to be in their life or career.

She helps them plan and reach their goals, by building a positive mindset through overcoming their stumbling blocks along the way.

Zeenat is extremely passionate about supporting women in their body confidence and self-esteem through a great understanding from her own experiences.

As well as coaching individuals, Zeenat also works with schools and parents to improve the confidence and mental wellbeing of children and young people.

A former figure skater and primary school teacher, Zeenat has transformed her own life and confidence through coaching and now works to improve the lives of others with her unique blend of coaching and other techniques.

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