My Journey to Finding a Path to Healing

Often in life, our health isn't perfect and we can find ourselves looking for answers and healing cures to whatever condition or ailment that has presented itself.

When the condition hasn't got an easy explanation or a readily available treatment or cure, this can lead us down an all-consuming path of frustration and can all too often lead to depression and poor mental health.

As we try to find a cure or a solution to the health problem, we often don't realise that we are punishing ourselves with stress and this can lead to even more problems. 

What if we didn't seek a cure, as such, but looked, instead, for a path towards healing?

This might sound like they are the same thing, but there is a difference of thinking (and action) here.

To understand this way of thinking more, Health and Wellness Coach, Saralyn Salisbury-Jones shares her own journey towards finding a path to healing - rather than a cure.

In this episode, Saralyn chats openly to Clarity Junction host, Gillian, about her own bipolar II disorder and diagnosis, and how it has enlightened her to create a wellness path that is both beneficial and unique to her own healing.

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Why Failing Became a Blessing

Failing something is always regarded by our society as something shameful and a reflection that you are not clever or just not up to the job.

We tend to hide our failures from others, and the negative feeling surrounding them never seems to leave us.

So, what if failing was actually a blessing in disguise?

This is how Clarity Junction Podcast Host, Gillian feels about her first major fail in life.

So keep listening to hear her story of why failing actually became a blessing.

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The Fundamental Aspects of Losing Weight vs Keeping Weight Off

So many of us have been there. We know we need to lose weight. We work hard to lose it, then just when we are happy with our weight, it seems to creep back on! Why do we struggle to keep the weight off?

In this episode, therapist, author and creator of the 'My Hungry Head' program, Marybeth Sherrin discusses with Clarity Junction host, Gillian, the fundamental aspects of losing weight versus keeping weight off.

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Is Your Past Affecting Your Future?

Our past is filled with valuable life-lessons. We rely on our past experiences on a daily basis to work out what to do next and how to act in the present moment. These past experiences act to keep us safe, but is your past affecting your future?

What if your past was preventing you from living your best life now? Would you be able to recognise if this was the case?

In this podcast episode, Gillian looks deeper into the question, 'Is Your Past Affecting Your Future?'

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How to Be Enough in a World that Says You’re Not

Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you try, you just don't seem to live up to the standards that you set yourself, or that others have set for you? Do you listen to, and take to heart, the criticism from others? Are you always trying to improve and be better, but never giving yourself credit for who you are right now?
If you can relate to any of this, then this podcast is for you. 

In this episode, Confidence Coach, Speaker and best-selling Author, Tonya Murray discusses How to Be Enough in a World that Says You're Not.

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