Christmas Without the Waste

Christmas is a time for giving and sharing, but as each year goes past, I am more aware of the waste that comes of this season. Food waste, packaging waste, unwanted or un-needed gift waste, clothes waste and also time waste. No one likes waste, especially money waste, yet we all seem to get sucked into the wasteful trend. What if we put a stop to this practice, refocused on the real meaning of the festive season, and experienced a Christmas without so much waste?

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How to Stay Motivated While Coping With SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Motivation vs Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Today is a Motivation vs Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) day.

All day, I have been sitting wrestling with myself.

I need to produce articles for my website. I have a pile of things that I must write, organise and complete by certain days. I have planned it all out, made notes and rough drafts. All the preparation has been done - all I need to do is sit and write.

For some reason, even though I love to write and it comes naturally to me, I can’t seem to muster up enough enthusiasm to start.

There is nothing different about today. Nothing different about my routine. So why does it feel like my brain has been surrounded by a think fog? Why don’t I feel the usual motivation to get my work done? Why don’t I feel like making food, and just want to snack? Why am I feeling tired even though I have had my usual amount of rest? Why am I trying to resist grabbing the duvet, curling up on the sofa and watching films all afternoon? Why does nothing seem to light that rocket fuel and get me going?

Why? Well, it’s October. That’s why.

This is the start of it. This is the start of my SAD days.

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