Learning Is the Key to Your Personal Development

So many of us dismiss learning as boring or as a chore that we have to go through when we are young, then once we hit the age to leave school, we never need to worry about it again.

In this interview, Jennifer Lindsay-Finan explains that by keeping this opinion, we are only limiting our ability to grow in life, and that by embracing the need to continually learn as an adult, you are allowing yourself the opportunity to open so many new doors and experiences in your life. 

As an enthusiastic educator, Jennifer discusses that learning as an adult means that you have a choice in how and what you learn. She chats about how we can find the right method of learning that suits us personally, and also tips on how to find and manage time so that we can fit our learning in to our busy adult lives.

Looking to broaden your horizons, but don't know where to start? Then I recommend you take a moment to listen to this podcast episode.

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I’m FINE. My Experience With Postnatal Depression

In this podcast episode, Clarity Junction host, Gillian shares her own story of her experience with postnatal depression. 

After a difficult and worrying pregnancy, Gillian then faced a mix of emotions once her baby was born. This was a time when she felt that she couldn't talk about her true emotions and hid them from others by telling them that she was 'fine', when that couldn't have been further from the truth.

This story of denial and covering up true feelings is all too normal in our society. 

Depression is often regarded as a weakness that shouldn't be spoken about, yet most of us experience it from time to time. It is not something rare or unique. We just don't talk about it and this makes it seem an unnatural experience to go through.

In this podcast episode, Gillian shares the message that it's OK not to feel OK, and she encourages everyone to reach out and to receive the help and support that they deserve. 

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Easing Menopausal Symptoms with Chinese Herbs

The journey through the time of menopause can be a very challenging one for many women.

With so many changes occurring within their body and in their life as a whole, it can be a confusing, scary and difficult time.

As a society, we don't tend to talk about the menopause and this makes it even more likely that women will face this time feeling quite alone and that they need to just 'put up with it'.

This doesn't need to be the case, and in this episode, Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, Dana LaVoie chats to Clarity Junction host, Gillian, all about the menopause and how you can ease its symptoms with the use of Chinese Herbs.

For many years, Dana has specialised in women's health and she shares her knowledge and expertise in this extensive interview.

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How to Find Your Life’s True Purpose

There tends to come a point in life when we start to wonder what our true purpose in life is.

Perhaps we feel that we have lost our way, or haven't had a path mapped out in the first place.

Perhaps we have experienced a 'wake-up call' and have began to think more about what our life means to ourselves and to others.

Finding our life's true purpose isn't always easy, and it often doesn't show itself straight away. So how do we start to find it?

In this podcast episode, Clarity Junction host, Gillian, is here to point you in the right direction on how to find your life's true purpose.

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My Journey to Finding a Path to Healing

Often in life, our health isn't perfect and we can find ourselves looking for answers and healing cures to whatever condition or ailment that has presented itself.

When the condition hasn't got an easy explanation or a readily available treatment or cure, this can lead us down an all-consuming path of frustration and can all too often lead to depression and poor mental health.

As we try to find a cure or a solution to the health problem, we often don't realise that we are punishing ourselves with stress and this can lead to even more problems. 

What if we didn't seek a cure, as such, but looked, instead, for a path towards healing?

This might sound like they are the same thing, but there is a difference of thinking (and action) here.

To understand this way of thinking more, Health and Wellness Coach, Saralyn Salisbury-Jones shares her own journey towards finding a path to healing - rather than a cure.

In this episode, Saralyn chats openly to Clarity Junction host, Gillian, about her own bipolar II disorder and diagnosis, and how it has enlightened her to create a wellness path that is both beneficial and unique to her own healing.

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