How to Reduce Overwhelm and Increase Productivity

It's no secret that overwhelm can hinder your daily productivity. Your to-do list can seem as long as an encyclopedia, and feeling overwhelmed by it all, you end up giving up before you get started! If you recognise this situation, then it's time to listen to the podcast interview with Productivity Coach, Leslie Boyd to find out how you can reduce overwhelm and increase productivity.

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How to Live Your Best Life

Listen to the interview with Holistic Health Coach, Jennifer Gagnon, as she shares her own story, suggestions and advice, to help you discover how to live your best life.

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Why Do You Crave Carbs?

Carb (carbohydrate) cravings are a common discussion amongst those who are trying to get fit, lose weight and keeping an eye on their diet.

Carbs, in simple terms, are foods consisting of sugar, starch and fibre.

We often find that our body craves carbs - particularly the sugar variety - from mid-afternoon on wards.

Why do we crave carbs? Why do we not crave celery sticks? Why is it always sweet foods, that are high carbohydrates, that we long for?

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