Grief and Loss

When it comes to experiencing grief and loss, so many of us suffer alone and in silence.

It's not acceptable in our society to admit our emotions and because of this, we tend to live our whole lives suffering from unresolved grief.

Grief and loss is not just about losing a loved one through death. We can experience grief over the loss of so many things in our lives.

In this podcast episode, Grief Recovery Specialist, Diane Morgan, shares what grief is, why our response to loss is individual and not 'text book', why unresolved grief is affecting so many of us, and why it is something that we really need to address.

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We Meet People for a Reason

Are you one to listen to your intuition, or gut feelings?

Do you sometimes find that you unexpectedly meet people who you seem to have a lot in common with, or people that have the right answer for your question, just at the right time?

Well, I truly believe that we meet people for a reason, and in this podcast episode I share my thoughts and a personal story that really affirmed this belief for me.

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Being a Mum and Running a Successful Business While Managing Chronic Illness

It's not easy being a Mum. It's not easy running a business. It's certainly not easy doing both these things while managing chronic illness.

However, this is something that Jude Wharton manages to do.

In this podcast episode, Jude shares her story of how she has built a successful business that complements her desire to be a hands-on mum and also her needs to manage her chronic illness.

Jude's story is inspirational, and illustrates how you are able to face hurdles, find a solution, and go forwards to live your best life. 

So listen in to discover Jude's journey and her personal message to other women who want to live their dreams, but are facing their own challenge of managing chronic illness.

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5 Ways to Cope Better During Stressful Days

Stressful days are becoming more and more the norm for many of us.

In our modern world, we are expected to be and do so much more than what is physically and practically possible.

We are constantly being pulled in all directions and continually trying to juggle everything while keeping those around us happy.

While we are doing this, we are triggering off so much stress in our own beings, which will eventually lead us to poor health and burnout.

So how can we cope better during stressful days? 

In this podcast episode, Gillian Duncan, Clarity Junction host, coach and author discusses 5 actions that you can try to help reduce and lift the cycle of stress.

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The Joys of Living an Alcohol-Free Life

So many women and mums are being pulled into the destructive cycle of relying on alcohol to help relieve stress and cope with everyday problems.

'Wine O'clock' is the new normal, acceptable trend for many.

Unfortunately, alcohol will never solve these issues and will cause more upset to our lives on many levels. 'Wine O'clock' is a dangerous message to be sending both ourselves and our children.

In this interview, Sobriety Coach, Gayle Macdonald, shares her story and journey to living an alcohol-free life and why she feels that becoming a sober mum is the best thing that she has ever done.

Listen in to discover the freedom, peace and clarity that sobriety has brought to Gayle's life, and her advice on where to start if you think that it's time to address your own drinking habits.

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