3 Myths Surrounding Grief Diane Morgan

3 Myths Surrounding Grief

We have all heard the phrase 'time heals', but does this really stand true when it comes to recovering from grief and loss?

Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, Diane Morgan discusses 3 popular myths that surround grief, during a live chat on the Midlife Empowerment for Women Facebook group.

In this chat, Diane sets the story straight over these 3 myths to help bring a little more clarity to the topic of grief and loss.

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Meet Diane

Diane Morgan is a Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist. She provides both online and one-to-one in-person Grief Recovery Support Services.

Diane Morgan

Diane grew up in England then, in her early twenties, her passion for adventure lured her to sail around the Mediterranean and Caribbean. She finally washed ashore on the beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard where she has lived for nearly thirty years, happily raising her family and creating her own businesses.

Diane is a lifelong learner. She is a Women's Midlife Coach, Hypnotherapist, Aesthetician, and an Energy Healing Practitioner. 

Recognising that there is much grief in the world, Diane is excited to have found the Grief Recovery Institute, where she became a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.

Knowing that the world is a big place, she then completed the Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist training and is now able to offer her services online to people all over the world.

Her personal and professional journeys have finally come together, allowing Diane to follow her passion to provide help and support to others so that they may find completion to their losses, move through their emotional pain and make room for joy and purpose to come back into their lives. 

How to Contact Diane

For more details on Diane's coaching programme and to reach out to her directly, please visit:

Website: https://www.givegriefachance.com/

Moving Beyond Grief Coaching Program: https://www.givegriefachance.com/grief-recovery-program.html

Give Grief a Chance Podcast: https://www.givegriefachance.com/listen

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/givegriefachance/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/give_grief_a_voice/ and https://www.instagram.com/dianemorgan9200/

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